READING – The School Committee at their meeting June11 conducted their annual staff recognition honoring retiring educators and those achieving length of service milestones and newer teachers obtaining Professional Teacher Status.

The virtual meeting was conducted remotely with the school principals on video saying a word or two about their staff that reached 10 or 20 year milestones and also the 13 retirees.

Reading Memorial High School (RMHS) Principal Kate Boynton listed the seven staff retiring from her school. They included: Giulio Binaghi a Spanish teacher for the past 12 years at RMHS with a total of 38 years teaching experience, Janet Klein an RMHS French teacher who spent most of her career teaching at Coolidge Middle School, Mary Ellen Kirwan a school nurse at RMHS for the past 11 years and school nurse at Killam School for nine years, Dr. Jeffrey Ryan a History teacher for the past 23 years at RMHS who was the Mass. Teacher of the Year in 2005 and has 30 years total teaching experience, 20 year physics and meteorology teacher Nancy Najmi, 22 year office staff member Illeana Napoli and Carmen O’Rourke from the main office staff.

One Coolidge Middle School staff member is retiring. According to Principal Sara Marchant she is 16 year library/media specialist Christine Steinhauser with 25 years total experience.

Retiring from Parker Middle School is reading specialist Vonda Gauthier with 25 years on the job.

Barrows School’s lone retiree is custodian Bill Keenan, and the lone retiree from Joshua Eaton School is custodian John Falkenstrom.

Fifteen year school nurse at Wood End Lisa Suglia is also retiring as is 20 year food service and central office accounting assistant Paula Santarpio.

Staff achieving the 20 year milestone were: Barrows School para educator Carol Sandberg; Birch Meadow second grade teacher Leana Gagnon; Wood End administrative assistant Lisa Finigan and also kindergarten teacher Sarah Bielicki; Joshua Eaton School grade one teacher Kathleen Ingemi and specialist Kerry Mullen, also at Joshua Eaton.

Twenty year employees at the Killam School are Karesa Encarnacao, Mary Gotsell, Amy Hussey and Helen Palmieri. Also reaching the 20 year milestone is Coolidge Middle School food service worker Brenda Hobart.

RMHS 20 year employees are Mary Ellen Kirwan and Nancy Najmi. Also reaching the 20 year milestone is Coolidge Middle School food service worker Brenda Hobart.

Reaching the 10 year milestone are Heather McClain (Barrows), Andrea Caruso and Bethany Nazzaro (Joshua Eaton), Laura Farrell Killam Elementary School, Auriana Musselman, Parker Middle School Andrew Spinali Parker Middle School Judith Therriault Parker Middle School Christopher Twomey Parker Middle School, Giulio Binaghi Reading Memorial High School, Elizabeth Dalby Reading Memorial High School, Kent Hatton Reading Memorial High School Leia Richardson Reading Memorial High School,Paul Collins School Food Service/RMHS, Maureen Franey-Passatsecmhopol Food Service/Killam and

Lisa Norcross Wood End Elementary School.

Newer teachers obtaining their Professional Teaching Status are Vittoria Penna Barrows Elementary School, Leslie Jennings Barrows Elementary School ,Caitilyn Coye Birch Meadow Elementary School, Mollie Pelletier Coolidge Middle School, Rachel Herman Coolidge Middle School Amy Gelineau Coolidge Middle School, Selma Walsh Coolidge Middle School, Phyllis Greene Joshua Eaton Elementary School, Brittany Kurtz Joshua Eaton Elementary School, Kameka Rees Killam Elementary School, Elizabeth Kelly Killam Elementary School, Rachel Weeks Parker Middle School, Kathleen Shmulsky Parker Middle School, Jamie Benger Reading Memorial High School, Alexander Pancic Reading Memorial High School,

Sharyn Drew Reading Memorial High School, Gregory Cate Reading Memorial High School, Catherine Taglilatela Reading Memorial High School, Ann Marie McGrath RISE Preschool, Lori Abelson Wood End Elementary School, and Jessica Hester Wood End Elementary School.

School Committee Chair Chuck Robinson praised Human Resources Administrator Jenn Allard for putting together the staff recognition video, using creative thinking trying to do good by the staff in difficult times. In the past the awards for retirement and longevity milestones and Professional Teaching Status certificates had been presented in person at the School Committee meeting.

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