BURLINGTON – A comprehensive plan created by the Conservation Commission for the present and future objectives of the town’s open and recreation space was unanimously approved by the Board of Selectmen.

The prerogative is a requirement for the town to complete every seven years in order to be eligible for grant funding at the state and federal levels. The town received roughly $500,000 from the State Executive Office and Energy and Environmental Affairs in 2010 to complete the Wildwood Park project. The funds were through a grant attained by completing an open space and recreation plan.

The most recent iteration of the plan is 88 pages, crafted through input from the Conservation Commission, Recreation Department, Recreation Commission, Disability Access Commission, and Planning Board.

“I want to thank the various committee members who put this plan together over the last two years,” praised Town Administrator Paul Sagarino. “The residents of Burlington should also be commended for taking part in the process.”

Sagarino added, “Open space and recreational opportunities are things we found are very important to our residents and business community.”

Over 100 residents participated in the creation process of the document, and specifically filled out a community survey to pinpoint certain objectives.

Aspects of the lengthy document heading to the state include an ADA self-evaluation on properties owned and managed by the Parks & Recreation Department and Conservation Commission, with an emphasis on prioritizing improvements where they exist. It was confirmed that over 1,000 acres of open space and recreation land exists in Burlington, including the Landlocked Forest, Conservation Commission, Mary Cummings Park, schools, playgrounds, and ball fields. Roughly 75 acres of the 1,000 are under conservation restriction.

“The document helps you take stock of where you are, where you want to go, and how you are going to get there,” said Eileen Coleman, assistant conservation administrator.

Various needs are encapsulated in a 7-year action plan that is an obligatory piece of the 88-page document.

The Selectmen unanimously approved the document, so it will now head to the State Executive Office and Energy and Energy and Environmental Affairs.

The entire plan can be found on the town’s website at www.burlington.org/190529_DRAFT_BurlingtonOSRP.pdf/

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