Teaching kids how to be safe on the road

LEARNING THE RULES OF THE ROAD - The Burlington Police Department conducted its annual Safety Town Program last week at the Burlington Mall, where youngsters got a real feel of what it’s like to drive safely and properly on their tricycle big wheels. Here, Burlington Police Officers William Trelegan (left) and Bernie Schipellitti (right) offer instructions to some of the participants of Safety Town. (joebrownphotos.com)

BURLINGTON - Wegmans Food Market, which will celebrate its 3rd Ave. grand opening on Oct. 26, is taking another step forward in make its grocery store an enjoyable atmosphere for all of its customers.

The Board of Selectmen unanimously approved an indoor/outdoor entertainment license for the establishment.

Wegmans Store Manager Kevin Russell informed the board that the supermarket wants this license so they can host indoor entertainment in various areas of the store once in a while, which will include live bands and book signings.

“We are providing the potential for music to accompany areas of the store,” said Russell, stressing it will not be a concert setting. “We will not invite KISS or Aerosmith. Our true entertainment is through food.”

He affirmed since the Wegmans in Northborough opened, they have only needed this license one time, which was on the day the store opened. The plan for this use in Burlington will be similar to what Wegmans did at its Northborough location and it entails having a “little jazz trio” perform when the supermarket opens on Oct. 26 in Burlington.

Wegmans, which is expected to open its highly anticipated 135,000-square-foot supermarket on 3rd Ave., will anchor the retail/restaurant hub in Northwest Park. It will be comprised of a supermarket, parking garage, mezzanine, and food court.

Russell assured the board all the employees that need to be trained and licensed for crowd control management at Wegmans will be certified well before the Oct. 26 grand opening.

Russell emphasized that Wegmans is here to impact the community in the most beneficial way possible.

“We are here to make a difference in the community, and that’s what we are here to do,” he said. “Everything we do is on the up-an-up.”

Prior to receiving the license, Wegmans had to meet safety criteria as well as provide floor plans of all areas of the store that will be used for entertainment and performances.

Customers shouldn’t expect a live band to perform at the 3rd Ave. location that frequently, as the Northborough Wegmans has had only one band play since it opened two-and-a-half years ago, but with this approval, the opportunity will be there for the supermarket to take the unusual combination of food shopping and entertainment to another level. There may be book signings at the supermarket once a year. Russell revealed acclaimed children’s author Jan Brett held a book signing at the Wegmans in Northborough.

Much like his sentiment with Kings Bowl’s entertainment license, Town Administrator John Petrin reiterated this license is a “small part” of the overall scope of Wegmans.

The board unanimously approved the entertainment license for Wegmans.

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