BURLINGTON – An alteration of premises application was approved by the Board of Selectmen for Tuscan Kitchen in The District Burlington.

The goal of the restaurant’s modifications is to “refresh” the restaurant and respond to the current dining trends taking place in the food business.

“This will provide the best experience for the customers,” said local attorney Mark Vaughan, of Riemer & Braunstein, representing Tuscan Kitchen. “The innerworkings of the restaurant will be modified.”

The alterations include renovating and enhancing the former market space located in the front area of Tuscan Kitchen. They want to eliminate a portion of the interior dining and relocate seats and tables to the front of the market area which once housed desserts and other food items for purchase to go.

“It will be much more open and engaging for diners. The current layout is a dead-end and not as engaging and active as it could be,” explained Vaughan.

Secondly, the outdoor patio dining area will be modified so some of the existing seating that isn’t utilized as often will be taken away and reduced to 27 seats.

Lastly, the remaining interior portion of the restaurant we be “refreshed” and it is being reconfigured so it will be a “fresher” experience for diners.

Selectman Chair Joseph Morandi, who was on the subcommittee for this matter, declared his support for the alterations and also commended Tuscan Kitchen for their community involvement.

“Basically, they are moving tables and chairs around,” professed Chair Morandi. “Tuscan Kitchen has been a great tenant and have never had problems since opening at that location in 2013. I cannot see why we would not make [Tuscan Kitchen] better than it already is.”

Selectman Michael Runyan echoed Chair Morandi’s sentiments, further expounding on them.

“Certainly, Tuscan Kitchen has been an outstanding corporate neighbor in town. They feed all the veterans in Burlington and Bedford on Veterans Day, and the veterans are always very happy and gracious for that opportunity you provide,” praised Runyan.

A representative of Tuscan Kitchen politely addressed the thought behind providing a free meal to veterans and their families, which was a concept that started 10 years ago at their first location in Salem, NH.

“We started serving veterans on our first day of operation in Salem [NH] 10 years ago. Our owner wanted to give back to the community, so we fed 1,000 veterans and their families that day,” he described. “That tradition has continued as we open other locations. It is one of our pillars of community outreach and is always a real moving day for everyone.”

Tuscan Kitchen’s theme is fine Italian cuisine with a philosophy and brand that consists of making everything from scratch.

The selectmen approved the alteration of premises by a 4-0 vote. Selectman Bob Hogan was absent.

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