BURLINGTON – The town continues its pursuit of becoming a legitimate destination for biotech and life science businesses.

At its most recent meeting, the Planning Board unanimously approved four special permits that will transform the use at 3 Van de Graaff Drive from office to biotech and life science.

The entire commercial building is comprised of roughly 300,000 square-feet and the applicant, American Landmark III, LLC, is set to lease out 105,000 square-feet of the property for a life science and biotech use.

American Landmark III, LLC is the property owner of 3 Van de Graaff Drive and they are seeking to proactively reposition a portion of their facility (105,000 square-feet) for use by prospective biotech and life science operators.

“This building, which has been historically occupied by office tenants, is situated in a premier location along Route 95, proximate to supportive retail as well as hotel and housing amenities which ideally locates the property to entice new life science companies seeking a foothold in the Burlington market,” explained local attorney Robert Buckley, of Riemer & Braunstein, representing American Landmark III, LLC, confirming there will be no exterior modifications to the building. “This will enhance biotech and life science companies to come to Burlington.”

As part of the special permits, the applicant will reclassify 105,000 square-feet of the existing building area for future life science and biotech operations. The remaining 195,000 square-feet of the building will maintain its current mix of office and associated uses.

This is the first petition to come before the planners that is in alignment with the January 2019 zoning bylaw modification related to the clarification and expansion of biotech and life science uses allowed within the General Industrial Zoning District.

Planning Director Kristin Kassner elaborated on this biotech and life science transformation of 3 Van de Graaff Drive.

“This will really help start attracting biotech and life science companies from the Boston area, and this will continue that objective,” Kassner stated. “This is a bait-and-hook situation as we try to catch one of these companies at the Van de Graaff Drive location.”

The planners were very pleased with the proposal and eager to see the transformation come to fruition.

“I am excited to see who lands there,” remarked Planning Board Chair Barbara L’Heureux.

The board unanimously approved the four special permits, so 105,000 square-feet of life science and biotech space is available for lease at 3 Van de Graaff Drive.

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