BURLINGTON - Cambridge Street Animal Hospital recently earned unanimous approval from the Planning Board to locate in The Shoppes at Simonds Park.

The tenant space is a small piece of the newly developed, mixed-use retail and residential property that once was home to Building 19 1/2.

The appointment-only veterinary clinic is expanding its operations from Concord, MA to Burlington. Thanks to COVID-19, pet ownership has spiked and the demand for such animal hospitals is there.

“A happy effect of the COVID-19 pandemic has been a dramatic increase in pet ownership,” remarked Katherine Wilson, representing Cambridge Street Animal Hospital. “While the proliferation of new pets is amazing, it is straining the capacity of animal care services across the board.”

Wilson further expounded that many veterinary clinics and hospitals, such as the Burlington Veterinary Hospital and Middlesex County Hospital, “Note on their websites that they are no longer accepting new clients because they are simply stretched to the limit.”

Cambridge Street Animal Hospital proudly avows to serve the local community by opening their “small animal hospital” to serve the pets of Burlington and surrounding towns.

“We will offer personable and compassionate veterinary care to dogs, cats, and pocket pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, hedgehogs, mice, rats, gerbils, chinchillas, and sugar gliders,” stated Wilson. “Our services will include preventative and wellness care, outpatient sick and emergency care, outpatient dental and surgical care, and pet grooming.”

In an effort to start its relationship with Burlington residents on the right foot, the hospital has assured abutters noise levels will not be an issue because no patients will be hospitalized overnight, and all animals will be discharged by the end of the business day.

“This means that there will be no unattended pets barking overnight,” Wilson confirmed. “We also expect minimal noise disturbance during business hours based on our experience at the Concord Animal Hospital.”

Wilson, and her husband, Dr. Stephen Wilson, co-own the Concord Animal Hospital, and reaffirmed it is located next to residential housing and they have never received complaints about the noise level.

Besides the Wilson family, the partners making up Cambridge Street Animal Hospital are Dr. Rhea McCullough, DVM, and Stephanie Saglimbeni (veterinary technician).

The business couldn’t be happier to locate in Burlington.

“We really like Burlington. It is such a vibrant, dog-loving community,” Wilson said glowingly.

The planners saw no issues with the proposal, so they unanimously approved the special permit application.

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