BURLINGTON - X-Golf, an indoor golf simulator business, recently went in front of the Planning Board with a special permit to occupy the former Chuck E. Cheese location at 10 Wall Street, off Cambridge Street.

The cutting-edge concept combines a food and beverage operation with indoor golf services, offering lessons and courses sessions via a state-of-the-art simulator system.

The site plan depicts seven golf simulators positioned along the perimeter of the space, with individual seating areas at each golf station for group seating and food service. Additional restaurant seating and kitchen operations are located in the center of the facility and all food and drink will be served to patrons by wait staff. While the restaurant requires a special permit, the golf lessons component qualify as an “Other than nonprofit educational use ...” (Section of the Use Table), which is allowed by right in a General Business (BG) zoning district, which 10 Wall Street is defined as. X-Golf will need to go before the Board of Selectmen to get the all-alcohol license they are seeking for this location.

X-Golf’s high-tech simulator bays employ modernized technology capable of measuring ball and swing data. Guests will hit a real golf ball, which is automatically teed up before them, at a screen that provides instant feedback.

The technology measures the motion of the golf ball, the path of the club, angle of attack, trajectory and velocity of each hit. “Following the laws of physics, these measurements allow us to perfectly replicate the golf ball flight,” the company’s website states.

There are over 30 X-Golf locations in America, and the Burlington location would be only its second Massachusetts venue besides its current Wayland site. The X-Golf concept was created in Australia and started opening up locations in North America three years ago.

John Langevin, president of Waterville Business Development, LLC (doing business as X-Golf Burlington), spoke highly of the business.

“X-Golf is a really good concept,” he said. “The overall ambiance is good and the technology is the best in the business.”

He said the experience is great for golfers looking for some extra practice, those looking to hit the links in the winter months or after dark, or amateurs looking for something new and different to do with their friends.

“It can be a lot more convenient than being at the golf course,” he said. “And it’s available, rain or shine.”

Though the planners held off on a vote for formality purposes, they viewed the business favorably and agreed with Langevin’s notion that virtual golf can be “more convenient” than actually golfing at a real course in certain instances.

“This is a very cool concept,” remarked Planning Board member Brenda Rappaport. “It will be nice not to lose any balls off the green.”

Since the Planning Board began conducted virtual public meetings, Planning Staff’s policy has been to not vote on any special permit or site plan application during its first reading so the public has ample time to provide feedback.

Under those parameters, the board voted to continue the special permit application to its next meeting on April 15.

If all goes as planned with the special permit and all-alcohol license approvals, X-Golf Burlington hopes to open in the former Chuck E. Cheese location by September.

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