BURLINGTON – With May Town Meeting inching closer by the day, the town administration and Board of Selectmen are deep in the process of working to finalize warrant articles they are going to submit.

At a recent Selectmen meeting, many of the articles were briefly discussed in a preliminary tone.

Through the Selectmen and town administration, the articles noted were in connection with the Fire Department, Police Department, Department of Public Works (DPW), Building Department, and Recreation Department.

No exact money figures were disclosed. As is annually the case, the town allocates $2.5 million for warrant articles; half for the town and half for the schools.

Each department has until the end of March to submit warrant articles.


• Stream Cleaning/Drainage Repair

This is an annual program the town has been committed to for much of the last decade. A Vactor truck is rented and used to remove excess road sand that has ended up in the streams. Some of the debris and sand needs to be cleaned up so the streams and drains are structurally cleared.

• DPW Vehicle Replacement Program

This year, a cemetery tractor, high pickup truck, and sander are needed.

• Traffic Light Repairs

The town owns and maintains 26 traffic lights throughout the community and through wear and tear, several of the lights need to be repaired.

• Sewer Pump Maintenance and Water Division Compressor

Police Department

• Improvements at the Firearms Range (second phase)

This will complete the second phase of this initiative. Last year, the company that inspects this range had advised the Police Department that they are dangerously close to having the range condemned for safety violations that can only be resolved through certain improvements. Funds were approved for the first phase of this initiative at last year’s May Town Meeting.

• Tasers

This is the second and final phase of funding for this initiative. The Taser X2 Smart Weapon is an electronic control weapon (ECW) that represents an intermediate and less lethal use-of-force option from law enforcement officers. The concept of ECW is based on the idea that harmful encounters with aggressive and violent subjects can be brought to a safer and more conclusive resolution and potentially reduce the need for lethal force in certain situations. This marks the first time the department would be purchasing and implementing this type of device

Fire Department

• Administrative Vehicle

• ALS start-up costs

• Fire Engine

Recreation Department

• Vehicle replacement

• Outdoor Fitness Equipment

• Fitness Court

• Skatepark at Simonds Park needs repaving

Building Department

• Administrative Vehicle

Additional Warrant Articles

• The Selectmen mentioned they will likely have one more request, pertaining to asking for $20,000 in funds for covering advertising and outside consultant costs for the task of finding a replacement for Town Administrator John Petrin, who is retiring next year.

A more thorough run-down of the warrant articles will be presented to the Selectmen as the process gets closer to being finalized and May Town Meeting nears closer. Town Meeting is Monday, May 14.

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