BURLINGTON - A Market Basket employee working in Burlington’s Middlesex Commons location has tested positive for COVID-19.

The wildly popular grocery store chain made the announcement this past Thursday. This news comes after three employees at Market Basket stores in Ashland, Chelsea, and Chelmsford also confirmed to have the virus.

Market Basket spokesperson, Justine Griffin, released a statement on the protocol being followed by infected employees.

“This associate will not return to work until fully recovered,” she declared. “We hope for our associate’s speedy recovery. Most supermarkets operating at this time are faced with these challenges. We have taken the same steps in each case, as we did here. We report it to public health officials and follow their guidance and bring in a specialized cleaning crew to clean and disinfect the store.”

Griffin reinforced the action being taken by Market Basket to ensure the healthiest shopping experience exists at all their stores.

“Market Basket has also been constantly refining our operations focused on the health and safety of our customers and associates. We listen to the wide range of input we receive on a daily basis – from our customers and our associates and from the governors and public health experts who describe the next several weeks as critical for the health of the residents in our region,” Griffin stated. “As a result, we have limited the number of shoppers in the store at one time to ensure that customers have personal space, can maintain social distancing, and feel more comfortable.”

As part of Market Basket’s response to COVID-19, the company has implemented a heightened disinfection program focusing on high-touch surfaces including cash registers, countertops, register belts, red baskets, shopping carriages, payment devices, touch-pads, desks, door and drawer handles, phones and computers.

All stores have disinfecting wipes for customer’s use at the store entrance and associates help in wiping down all the shopping baskets.

Associates are required to practice good hygiene, including washing their hands frequently. Social distancing is also being encouraged.

The new shopping protocol at Market Basket went into effect April 2, and consists of the following:

- The number of customers shopping at one time will be limited, based on the size of the store, in order to ensure that customers have personal space, can maintain social distancing and feel more comfortable.

- A single entrance and exit will be designated for customers' use.

- Each shopper will be greeted upon entrance by a store associate who will clean and sanitize a carriage for them.

Market Basket operates 80 supermarkets in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine.

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