BURLINGTON - The Dunkin’ at 28 Winn Street in Burlington is looking to expand its drive-thru design.

Under the legal entity, Moniz Donuts, Inc., the applicant filed a special permit and minor engineering change in hopes of providing two order points in the drive-thru. Currently, there are two lanes but only one order point, causing poor vehicular traffic queuing.

Additionally, the upgrades to the drive-thru will result in the drive-thru traffic being separated from the main parking lot. The improvements do not include any decrease to the number of parking spaces on site nor any changes to the existing building. The original curb cuts will remain.

There will be no changes to the existing use of the site, and it will not impact the current traffic and pedestrian patterns as they exist today. No changes to the restaurant’s utilities are being proposed as a part of this project, and furthermore, no significant changes to the water and sewer demands of the restaurant are anticipated.

The project’s construction activities will be confined to the limits of the existing paved portion of the site and they are not anticipating any impact to the existing wetlands or any other sensitive resource area.

The effects of COVID-19 have played a large role in this proposal coming before the Planning Board.

“Customers do not want to actually enter the building these days with the COVID-19 concerns,” explained a representative from Moniz Donuts, Inc. “More customers are choosing to use the drive-thru, which has been troublesome on the site under its current configuration with vehicles stacking out to Winn Street.”

Being so close to the Woburn line, this Dunkin’ has a constant flow of traffic from Burlington and Woburn drivers.

The new order windows would be improved and more suitable for modern use with mobile ordering and an enhanced ordering process.

“A second ordering point will make the drive-thru more efficient,” stated a Dunkin’ representative.

Though the planners enjoy that Dunkin’ and how the business operates, the board believes the current configuration is a “horrible” setup and aren’t sure this proposal is the answer, or not.

The planners requested an internal and external traffic study, so expect an update on that at the board’s next meeting on Oct. 21. The matter was formally continued by the planners to their next meeting.

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