BURLINGTON - It may not be 2020 anymore, but the most recent news regarding COVID-19 cases in Burlington should make residents feel like New Year’s never happened.

Remaining in the “red” designation, Burlington continues to see increases in some of the benchmark statistics for COVID-19 numbers.

As of last Thursday’s data reveal, the town passed the 1,000 cases threshold with 1,008 total confirmed COVID-19 cases since March. In the last two weeks, there have been 232 total positive tests with a 7.55 percent positivity rate during that 14-day period, with the percent positivity rate registering higher than it was two weeks ago. Two Thursday’s ago, the number of positive cases over the 14-day period was 249 with a 7.40 percent positivity rate.

Since March, the total number of positive tests in Burlington is 1,008 as of last Thursday at 5 p.m. The average daily incidence rate per 100,000 in the last two weeks is 53.9 (was 57.5 two Thursday’s ago), leaving the town in the “red” group designation for the fourth straight week. The average daily incidence rate is slightly down 3.6 from the previous week.

These colors denote the incidence rate for each community in Massachusetts, measuring the average and total cases with the population of a city or town. In Burlington’s case, it falls in the 10,000-50,000 population range. Currently in the “red” with a population of 10,000-50,000 residents, this designation means Burlington has at least 10 or more average cases per 100,000 and at least a 5 percent positivity rate or more. The community’s most recent average case number is 53.9 and its positivity rate is 7.55 percent (up .15 from two Thursday’s ago).

There have been 27,611 tests taken in Burlington since March, with 3,072 coming in the last two weeks.

These most recent statistics were released by Mass.gov and the information will continue to be updated every Thursday at 5 p.m. No deaths from the virus have been reported in Burlington.

The Burlington Board of Health (BOH) acknowledged due to limited testing capacity and the nature of the illness, this case count may not accurately reflect the actual number of cases in Burlington.

It includes residents of Burlington, not those who work and shop here and does not include cases that have been clinically diagnosed by a physician (people who did not receive laboratory testing).

In addition, people do not need to exhibit symptoms to have the virus and could potentially spread it to others. The BOH reiterated to residents to “please stay at home as much as possible and continue to follow public health precautions to prevent virus transmission.”

Anyone in need of a COVID-19 test, can make an appointment at AFC Urgent Care Burlington on 90 Middlesex Turnpike (this site doesn’t take walk-ins), go to the first level of the parking garage at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center at 41 Burlington Mall Road (no appointment needed), or make an appointment online for drive-up testing at the CVS Pharmacy at 34 Cambridge St.

QuestCap is also providing a new rapid COVID-19 test collection lab at the Burlington Mall, providing same-day results to residents in an attempt to limit the spread of the coronavirus with increased testing. The testing sites have the capacity of conducting up to 150 tests per day and the site charges $59 for antibody tests and $179 for the rapid antigen tests. The company detailed the tests take no longer than 10 minutes to administer and results are available within 24 hours. Test results can be received by text message or by phone and can be confirmed with certification that is received through a HIPPA-compliant mobile phone app. Appointments and payment for testing are handled online at www.testbeforeyougo.com.

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