BURLINGTON - The 6th Annual Middlesex Math Madness Tournament was held in May at the Memorial Elementary School from 8:30 a.m. to noon. Schools were invited to register 5-member teams of students in grades 4-6 to compete face-to-face.

The problems were clever, engaging, and challenging, and the atmosphere was exciting for both students and proctors. They had 27 teams competing this year from Arlington, Billerica, Burlington, Cambridge, Northampton, Littleton, North Andover, Tyngsboro, and Wilmington.

There was an individual competition where all students competed against each other. In addition, there was a team competition where teams of five students from the different schools competed against the other teams. They had a few nail-biting tiebreakers in order to have final winners!

The first and second place overall highest individual scores were achieved by Aadi Dash and Rohan Dutta, both of the Marshall Simonds Middle School in Burlington. John Archibauld, of the Gibbs School in Arlington scored third place overall.

The next highest scorer for each grade was then given an Achievement Award.  These awards went to Leon Ibanez Fraile, fourth grader at the Baldwin Elementary School in Cambridge; Rudra Agarwal, fifth grader at Fox Hill Elementary School in Burlington; and Joy Henderson, sixth grader at Littleton Middle School in Littleton.

Awards were also given to the top three highest scoring teams. First place went to Marshall Simonds Middle School Team A, which included Aadi Dash, Rohan Dutta, Michelle Maddasu, Eesha Srivastava and Joachim Arokiaraj.  The Gibbs School Team A and Team B tied for the second place team award.

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