BURLINGTON – Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar was back in front of the Board of Selectmen for a “change of ownership interest” request.

Pat Lennox, franchise owner of Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar in Burlington at 15 South Avenue, explained the company is going through a corporate restructuring at the direction of their tax accountants and attorneys in an effort to setup for tax purposes.

“This will allow [Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar] to expense certain items across our stores as opposed to having to amortize them,” detailed Lennox. “The ownership will stay the same and nothing else will change.”

Lennox also confirmed four other Buffalo Wild Wings in the area have already been approved for the same request at the local and state levels.

The Selectmen saw no issue with the request, so they unanimously approved it.

Buffalo Wilds Wings Grill & Bar has been on South Avenue, off Middlesex Turnpike, since 2015. The location once housed overflow parking for the adjacent AMC Burlington Cinema 10.

Buffalo Wild Wings is a sports-themed restaurant with over 1,100 locations throughout the country (half are franchises).

Electric vehicle policy

The Selectmen also took a brief moment to unanimously approve a policy for the electric vehicle charging station behind Town Hall. This is part of the town’s initiative to become a greener community.

Selectman James Tigges helped oversee and craft the unprecedented policy in Burlington.

“We are in the infancy stages in electric vehicles, so we are learning along the way,” he said. “This is a starting point for a policy with guidelines and responsibilities.”

The policy was created by Rachel Caplan, public works operations analyst. The language in the policy hopes to cover the costs of the electricity use, but no exact cost figures were disclosed during the meeting.

An electric vehicle charging station, also called an EV charging station, electric recharging point, charging point, charge point, ECS (electronic charging station), and EVSE (electric vehicle supply equipment), is an element in an infrastructure that supplies electric currents to vehicles for a power source.

For charging at home or work, some electric vehicles have converters on board that can plug into a standard electrical outlet or a high-capacity appliance outlet. Others either require or can use a charging station that provides electrical conversion, monitoring, or safety functionality. These stations are also needed when traveling, and many support faster charging at higher currents than are available from residential EVSEs. Public charging stations are typically on-street facilities provided by electric utility companies or located at retail shopping centers, restaurants and parking places, operated by a range of private companies.

The charging station is anticipated to be ready for use before Thanksgiving.

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