BURLINGTON – Residents with a sweet-tooth will be delighted to hear the Cookie Monstah Bake Shop is ready to serve an abundance of delectable treats to cookie and ice cream lovers in Burlington.

A Boston food truck concept known for its cookies and ice cream sandwiches will be opening its second store in the Burlington Marketplace on Mall Road, across from The District. They will be occupying the former Scottrade space, which sits to the right of FedEx. The dimensions of the space are 1,329-square-feet and it will contain 14 interior seats and four exterior seats.

Starting out as a food truck company in Boston, the Cookie Monstah opened its first store location in Danvers, which serves as its headquarters and commissary.

The Burlington shop will serve a rotating selection of cookies, ice cream flavors, and combo ice cream sandwiches. Ice cream scoops are available with a side of cookies, which come in assorted varieties, including chocolate chip, oatmeal, M&M, and salted caramel, among others. Cookie sandwiches reflect a heavy Boston influence, from the Peanut Buttah Cup sandwich and The Buttahscotch to The Red Monstah and The Nor’easter. The Cookie Monstah also makes gluten-free chocolate chip cookies and frozen yogurt, sherbet, and sorbet. Customers can also buy individual cookies or get the treats by the half-dozen or dozen.

Melissa Gale, owner of the Cookie Monstah, disclosed she used to work in the Burlington Marketplace plaza at Starbucks, so coming back to locate her business in Burlington was a goal of hers, and it helps that they do a lot of business in this general area. Gale provided some background and inspiration as to the genesis of the company.

“I knew at the age of 15 when I was selling Grandma Rome’s Chocolate Fudge Cake to my parents’ friends that baking was truly my passion. After getting my degree from Boston University, I embarked on a career in food service,” said Gale. “Like you, I love the idea of sharing food with family and friends, nothing does this better than the time-honored tradition of a cookie and a glass of milk. I want to brighten my customers’ day with a delicious homemade cookie and I am very excited to do it in Burlington.”

Planning Staff commented on the Cookie Monstah being a perfect fit for the marketplace, which gets a lot of traffic at the lunch-hour, and not so much later in the afternoon and after dinner. Cookie Monstah’s peak hours are later in the afternoon as they cater to the post-dinner crowd, so additional traffic in the marketplace isn’t expected with the addition of the dessert-based business.

The planners were salivating at the prospects of the Cookie Monstah in Burlington.

“I think you will be very popular among everybody in Burlington,” remarked Planning Board Chair John Kelly. “Cookies and ice cream, sounds like a good diet to me.”

The planners approved the special permit by a 6-0 vote. Member Paul Raymond was absent from the meeting. Cookie Monstah anticipates opening in the Burlington Marketplace by the end of May.

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