BURLINGTON – The Planning Board convincingly supported a special permit allowing Macy’s to open a Starbucks coffee kiosk in its Burlington Mall department store.

Macy’s recently appeared before the board with a proposal to make interior alterations to accommodate the coffee kiosk and associated stock area. The altered store area consists of approximately 1,232 square-feet. The location is near the first-floor Burlington Mall entrance at Macy’s.

The Starbucks will provide all the products a typical standalone Starbucks has.

The special permit allows Starbucks to prepare and serve hot and cold beverages as well as pre-packaged food items for takeout and dine-in consumption.

Macy’s Retail Holding, Inc. will be the sole owner and operator of the coffee kiosk. The proposed alterations are interior only. There are no proposed changes to Macy’s exterior building or site.

Planning Director Kristin Kassner, and the board, saw no issue with the proposal.

“It is such a small alteration to [Macy’s],” Kassner pointed out. “This use is primarily for Macy’s customers. I have no concerns.”

Stephen O’Bryan, of Macy’s Retail Holding, Inc., appeared as the applicant, and briefed the planners on why the Burlington Mall Macy’s location is known as a “growth store.”

“The challenge retailers have is making our large stores productive while maintaining the customer shopping experience,” O’Bryan stated. “This [Starbucks] will add to the customer experience and improve it, while keeping customers in the store for as long as possible. Our Burlington location is a special store.”

Macy’s in the Burlington Mall, which stands on two levels at roughly 275,000 square-feet, is one of the company’s most prosperous stores, according to O’Bryan.

Seeing no problem with special permit application, the planners unanimously approved the permit.

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