BURLINGTON – The town will be a lot more secure with the Viken Detection Corporation moving into its new headquarters at 21 North Avenue.

The North Avenue property runs perpendicular to 3rd Ave. in Northwest Park, off Middlesex Turnpike.

Viken Detection recently earned unanimously approval from the Planning Board regarding three special permits to locate its headquarters and operations at 21 North Avenue.

The mission of Viken Detection is to develop and market portable imaging and analytical instruments that achieve new benchmarks in cost-effective performance, reliability and ease of operation; to make its customers more productive than ever before with ergonomic, easy-to-operate tools that provide accurate, precise, easy-to-use, real-time information; and to leverage our expertise in x-ray and other instrumentation technologies to pursue market opportunities where the company’s strengths yield the greatest competitive advantages.

Viken Detection is a leader in the development of security imaging and materials identification systems which are utilized by safety inspection professionals, including various United State governmental agencies.

The company will be improving the existing 30,000 square-foot building and exterior site conditions to accommodate the relocation of their Newton facility to 21 North Avenue in Burlington.

“They would like to use this building for their headquarters and research and development operations,” remarked local attorney Mark Vaughan, of Riemer & Braunstein, representing the Viken Detection Corporation.

The facility will support ongoing research and development programs as well as final product assembly and installation associated with this advanced technology. Individual components for Viken's proprietary scanners are manufactured off-locus by outside sources, then individual components are assembled onsite by Viken technicians for final delivery to clientele as hand held devices or are installed within specially equipped vehicles or fixed-site installations.

In addition, Viken is seeking authorization of minor exterior modifications to facilitate on-site beta testing of a new exterior detection system intended for vehicle scanning purposes. This exterior system would be for testing purposes only and would not support any formal security or governmental operations on the premises.

Jim Ryan, CEO of Viken Detection Corporation, briefed the planners on some interesting background information pertaining to the company’s operations, which started with hand-held x-ray technology.

“Our first product was a lead paint analyzer, which we used to detect lead in paint,” professed Ryan. “The product we are really excited about is a hand-held x-ray imager that we have had out with law enforcement helping to find drugs and trap-doors in cars. It is a revolutionary product in law enforcement, and has been responsible for seizing millions of dollars through drugs.”

Ryan divulged that the imager is expected to be used on a larger scale along the southern border with Mexico. The plan is to develop an imager that will occupy the space of a van or truck, allowing the technology to analyze and recover any drugs coming across the border by vehicle. The van or truck only has to drive by the vehicle in question to get the necessary imaging done. The federal government is fully behind the southern border initiative and the hope is to have it operational by late fall, hence the need for the beta testing area at 21 North Avenue.

Viken had numerous options when it came to relocating its headquarters, but Burlington ended up being the obvious choice.

“We picked Burlington because we want the North Shore and New Hampshire talent,” Ryan admitted.

The planners, very impressed with the company, unanimously approved the three special permits.

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