BURLINGTON - Beacon Village, at 26 Beacon Street in Burlington, is looking to upgrade a portion of its property.

The apartment complex recently appeared before the Planning Board with a site plan for the construction of a new enclosed trash/recycle compactor accessory use structure. This facility is proposed in the southwest corner of the property and will replace the existing open-air facility located in the rear of the property. The new structure will also be used to house an automated package delivery/pick-up room and a covered school bus shelter area for the children of the complex to safely wait off the street for the bus while being protected from the elements.

The relocation of the compactor will allow the service trucks to pull straight in and out, rather than driving all the way through the complex. The automated package delivery/pick-up room will see UPS and other delivery vendors have a central location to drop packages off at an automated system that will alert residents that they have a package in their shelf, which only the apartment resident will have access to.

Other small improvements include relocating the existing Conex storage containers and a 30-yard dumpster from the northwest corner of the property and reconfiguring them within the footprint of the old compactors. The previous Conex storage container location will be repurposed into parking spaces for the residents, which raised some concern from the planners because they are worried the repurposed location for the containers will result in an “unsightly” setting. The board requested an on-site meeting to figure out the old container placement situation.

Besides that, Planning Director Kristin Kassner called the proposal at “huge improvement” for the complex, but she wants to make sure any potential noise raised as a result of the compactor relocation is controlled and not a bother to abutting neighbors.

The board voted to continue this matter to its next meeting on Thursday, Sept. 3.

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