BURLINGTON – A Thai restaurant moving into 211 Middlesex Turnpike was recently approved for a wine and malt license.

Tawesub Group, LLC, doing business as White Coconut Thai Restaurant purchased Lester’s Roadside Barbecue’s wine and malt license at a formal auction. Lester’s Roadside Barbecue, which was located 376A Cambridge Street, closed last August so its wine and malt license was available.

As recent as last September, Lester’s Owner Doug Shaffer expounded on the situation, mentioning the company is in the process of “turning over the premises” to the landlord while attempting to transfer their wine and malt license. Shaffer confirmed the restaurant closed and is not for sale, citing high rent, location, and the influx of chain restaurants in Burlington for putting him out of business.

“I had a great experience here in Burlington,” Shaffer confided to the Selectmen. “Unfortunately, my location made it very difficult with so much stuff on 3rd Ave., The District, Burlington Mall, and [The Shoppes at Simonds Park; former Building 19 ½ site]. That traffic really made it difficult for people to get to Lester’s, so the numbers dwindled drastically and I eventually lost at least 70 percent of my traffic over the course of six months.”

After receiving Lester’s wine and malt license by transfer, White Coconut Thai Restaurant will occupy the space at 211 Middlesex Turnpike.

The matter was previously continued twice before the transfer was approved at the Selectmen’s most recent meeting. The continuances were due to the applicant’s need to correct their paperwork, which they did successfully.

The Selectmen unanimously approved the liquor license transfer.

No confirmation date was disclosed as to when White Coconut Thai Restaurant will open its doors on Middlesex Turnpike.

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