BURLINGTON - The Board of Selectmen unanimously approved a proclamation that will see Saturday, Aug. 15, 2020 be celebrated as India Day in Burlington.

On Aug. 15, 1947, the country of Indian gained its independence from colonial rule. The India Association of Greater Boston submitted a proclamation for the Board of Selectmen to approve, allowing the Indian population in Burlington to celebrate the 73rd anniversary of their Independence Day on Aug. 15 on the Town Common.

Before being voted, Selectman Nicholas Priest read the proclamation aloud, and it read, in part, as follows:

“Whereas India is the largest free democratic country in the world, where its beauty and rich cultural heritage is unmatched…India is a composite civilization, as a nation that is extraordinarily unique as a cultural mosaic of people embracing groups of ethnic diversities, religions, languages, customs, food habits, traditional manners, and natural resources while representing an underlying unity…India is a country that has shown an unsurpassed growth in education, culture and technology since Aug. 15, 1947, when India gained independence from 200 years of colonial rule with peaceful civil disobedience and non-violence…We are proclaiming Aug. 15, 2020, to be India Day and encourage all residents to join in celebrating the 73rd anniversary of India’s Independence Day.”

The selectmen were more than happy to support the proclamation, more evidence exemplifying the rich diversity that exists in Burlington.

“The Southeast Asian population makes up a lot of Burlington, and I think this is a great way to acknowledge our fellow residents in this town,” recognized Selectman James Tigges. “Burlington is diverse in so many ways, from its schools to its residents and employees, so I think we should celebrate our diversity and acknowledge the country of India for their independence.”

Selectman Priest added, “As [America] has entered its 244th year of independence, I think it is great that we acknowledge another country’s independence, which they won and have made incredible strides since their independence.”

The selectmen unanimously approved the proclamation, making Aug. 15, 2020, India Day in Burlington.

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