BURLINGTON - The Gutierrez Company recently presented a preliminary subdivision plan to the Planning Board for its 200-600 Summit Drive properties.

The purpose of the plan is to modify the previously approved subdivision layout and reconfigure existing lot lines associated with 400 Summit Drive. The modifications to the subdivision layout and lot line reconfigurations will not affect zoning compliance, but will create additional frontage to support the newly configured lots.

The subdivision roadway layout is existing and no physical roadway modifications nor any new roadway construction is being proposed.

The Gutierrez Company had to submit this proposal as a preliminary subdivision because of the town’s formal commercial subdivision application process, which allows the Planning Board to make comments prior to the submission of the definitive subdivision plan.

These minor modifications are the final stages of the town’s endeavor to encourage life science companies to move into Burlington, and in this case, on the Summit Drive campus, off Middlesex Turnpike.

“This is a culmination of a 3-year endeavor by the Planning Board to encourage life science in Burlington on Summit Drive,” explained local attorney Robert Buckley, of Riemer & Braunstein, representing The Gutierrez Company. “We are creating a lot that is ready for such uses. These minor modifications do not include any type of construction, but will complete the initiative the town started three years ago.”

Furthermore, the applicant requested a waiver from the requirement to construct the proposed subdivision roadway as again, no new roadway is proposed but the layout is being modified. Each lot derives access from a driveway off the subdivision roadway. Utility infrastructure including water, sewer, drainage, gas, electric and tel./data services are currently in place beneath and along Summit Drive; connecting to and serving the existing buildings on lots 200, 400, and 600.

Any future development programs proposing new floor area on the property would be subject to Planning Board’s site plan approval and would include a technical analysis of infrastructure and project related impacts. It is generally envisioned that associated utility improvements would be designed as extensions of existing infrastructure systems.

Storm-water runoff would be treated and detained onsite, utilizing surface outfalls following existing drainage paths. No new storm-water runoff would be directed to the existing subdivision roadway drainage infrastructure. In advance of any new site plan application, the applicant will provide property baseline zoning compliance information utilizing the proposed lotting configuration and applicable zoning provisions, which may be the subject of a minor engineering change or other permitting requirements, as determined by planning staff.

The planners cited no issues with the preliminary subdivision plan as presented, but they will vote on the definitive subdivision plan at its next meeting on Aug. 20. The matter was formally continued to Aug. 20.

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