BURLINGTON – A site plan proposal was recently presented to the Planning Board that, if approved, would see an existing hardware business in town relocated to Bedford Street.

Mack Designer Hardware, the applicant, is a family owned and operated business founded in 2016 with a focus on high-end decorative hardware, such as bath and kitchen fixtures, flooring, furniture, and window treatments.

The business has been located at 164 Middlesex Turnpike in Northwest Park since 2016, but they are seeking a relocation to 175 Bedford Street, in between Mobil and Burlington Motors. The objective of the site plan is to repurpose the existing Bedford Street building for retail and storage on the first floor and office space on the second floor.

Kristopher Jong, co-owner of Mack Designer Hardware, explained to the planners that the Bedford Street site would be “purely a showroom” and not entail much room for inventory.

“We can work with a client’s architect or contractor to ensure that the hardware will function correctly and fit specific design choices,” Jong said of the business model.

Planning Director Kristin Kassner remarked favorably on the proposed use for the building, acknowledging the “unique” Bedford Street building hasn’t had much success finding a suitable tenant in recent year. Nonetheless, she and the board recommended vegetation be added to the site which is vastly made up of impervious surface. Kassner also wants confirmation as to what tenant will occupy the second-floor office space being proposed.

“We have to digest all this information,” said Kassner. “We are not ready to take action yet, but I can say we would like more vegetation around the site to help soften the impervious surface optics.”

Planning Boar Chair Barbara L’Heureux echoed Kassner’s sentiments, adding, “Beautifying your site would be to your benefit. Something like ornamental grasses and flowers would work.”

Trees were initially suggested, but Jong explained that would be detrimental to the company’s business optics, due to their desire to utilize the wall of windows that front the building allowing them to show off their showroom.

The planners also requested improved walkways and a dumpster plan be presented at the next meeting. Besides the landscaping, walkways, and dumpster plan, the board expressed favorability for Mack Designer Hardware’s relocation request.

“It sounds like a perfect use for the building,” remarked Planning Board member Michael Espejo.

The board voted to continue this matter to its next meeting this Thursday.

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