A walk down memory lane

AN ORIGINAL PIECE OF BURLINGTON - Over 100 years ago, Burlington’s Sullivan family purchased this stove (pictured), using it for heat on most cold nights in 1915. The stove has stayed in the family after all these years, as it sits in the Sullivan home on Peach Orchard Road in Burlington.

BURLINGTON - In 1915, Charles and Emma May Sullivan purchased this stove for their new home they had built on Peach Orchard Road. In those days, Peach Orchard Road was a dirt road with three ruts. Two for the wagon wheels, and one for the horse. Their new home was wired for electricity, but there was no electricity offered yet in their area, so for a number of years, they lit their home with kerosene lamps.

Charles worked as a bookbinder and Emma May was a home maker and was among the first women to register to vote in the Town of Burlington. They raised three sons Charles, Frederic, and my dad, Robert. The three boys would sleep near the stove on cold nights because the stove was the only source of heat in the early years. There was a grate in the ceiling above to provide heat for the second floor, but only in one room.

After cooking on this stove for fifty years, in 1965 Emma May finally bought her first electric range. She wanted the old stove brought to the dump. Fortunately, her oldest grandson, Charlie, was visiting from Maryland at that time. He asked if he could have it to display in his home, and he proudly did for 54 years. Charlie is downsizing and won’t have enough space for the stove, so he wished for it to go back to its original home on Peach Orchard Road, which stayed in the family. It is now proudly displayed in my family room.

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