BURLINGTON - Town Meeting took care of the vast majority of capital budget items submitted by the Department of Public Works (DPW).

Town Meeting passed seven of the DPW capital budget items for a total of $1,362,500 with $887,500 funded from the town’s Free Cash sum of $3,294,030 and the remaining $475,000 funded through the $475,000 allocated from the Sewer Enterprise Fund.

The seven ratified items are as follows:

- Vehicle Replacement Program ($457,500)

Highway Divison

A 2001 Chevy 6500 sander truck with over 84,000 miles needs replacement. The need for this replacement has been enhanced by the inability to obtain large hired equipment during the winter season. This season, in particular, has seen a decline on hired equipment, even on the smaller trucks. The future of winter maintenance operations will depend more on town staff and town-owned equipment.

A 1993 Ford 555D backhoe needs replacing. The plan is to replace the backhoe with a mini-excavator. The new piece of equipment will be used for catch-basin repairs, road repairs and the new neighborhood sidewalk replacement program. A mini-excavator is well suited for removing existing sidewalks while maintaining damage to lawns.

Cemetery and Buildings

A 2009 Ford Escape. This SUV is showing severe frame rotting. The DPW is proposing to replace it with a 1-ton pickup truck with plow.

A 2008 Crown Vic with over 140,000 miles. This vehicle currently used by the Facilities Division is showing body rotting and transmission slipping. The DPW is proposing to replace it with a 1-ton pickup truck with plow.

Water and Sewer

A 2009 Ford Ranger with over 105,000 miles. This vehicle is showing body rotting and electrical system failure. The DPW is proposing to replace it with a pickup truck.

A 2009 Ford Ranger with 127,000 miles. This vehicle is showing frame and body rotting. The DPW is proposing to replace it with a 1-ton pickup truck with plow.

- Tyco Dry Valves ($40,000)

The tyco dry valves at the Fire Headquarters, Public Library, Town Hall, and Town Hall Annex are due for replacement. These valves, used in the fire sprinkler system, keep the system dry until a call for a sprinkler is made. Failure of these valves causes leaks and potential flooding of indoor offices.

- Facility Upgrades including Energy Conservation Measures ($250,000)

After the successful implementation of energy management systems at Town Hall, Town Hall Annex, Police and Fire Headquarters, and obtaining the designation for Burlington as a Green Community, the DPW is requesting funds for the replacement of the Roof Top Units at the Library and other Energy Conservation Projects. These funds will be used in addition to the Green Communities Grant ($173,000) to replace two large RTU’s at the Library. In addition, new LED replacement lighting is needed for Fire Headquarters, Town Hall, Town Hall Annex, and the Library. Any funds not expended for the RTU’s (the DPW is currently applying for additional rebates for this project) will be used for LED replacement projects. An example of the favorable impacts of energy conservation projects in Town Hall and Town Hall Annex saw the town save over $125,000 since 2015. Electricity consumption was reduced by 22 percent, while natural gas consumption was reduced by 44 percent per year. This budget item will be critical in the prevention of HVAC failures and reduction in energy use.

- Town Hall Generator ($140,000)

The Town Hall generator, which serves as back-up power for Burlington’s Emergency Operations Center, is due for replacement. They have had many repair calls as the generator is over 20 years old. The need for back-up power cannot be understated as this generator would power all computer and phone systems in the town if major power outages occur. Additionally, in the case of an activation of the Emergency Operations Center, a reliable source of back-up power is needed.

Sewer Enterprise Funded Capital Budget Items

- Francis Wyman Pump Station Design ($300,000)

This station is a duplex-type grade concrete chamber can with a concrete entrance tube. The station houses two centrifugal pumps, check valves, gate valves, level control panel and associated electrical. A standby generator set and automatic transfer switch is located about grade-level in a weatherproof enclosure.

The station had a thorough inspection in 2012 by Weston & Sampson Engineers, and they documented the following deficiencies - the electrical service cabinet and components are deteriorated; the equipment is exposed to vehicular traffic; the wet well is full of grease and debris; the level control panel is deteriorated; the man lift is in need of inspection; the pumps have many hours of service; the pump chamber structure floor is deteriorated; and the piping is aged and in poor condition.

Additionally, the DPW has replaced two failures of the force-main within the past 10 years. During the repairs, it was noted the Ductile Iron force-main is showing signs of corrosion due to age; it is beyond its 50-year design life and needs to be replaced. The force-main was constructed within adjacent wetlands, and both pipe failures caused sewage to discharge into brooks. Upgrading the outdated technology and systems causing potential hazards for DPW staff will result favorably with new high-efficiency pumps and controls that will significantly reduce operation and maintenance costs.

- Pump Station Maintenance ($120,000)

The sewer system consists of approximately 118 miles of separate sanitary sewers constructed starting in the mid-1960s. The majority of the system is constructed of asbestos cement pipe, with some of the larger diameter pipe being reinforced concrete, and the newer PVC. Fourteen sewer pump stations are in operation throughout the town. All of the stations have been evaluated and using funds appropriated in fiscal years 2015-2017 are being upgraded to current technology and made code-compliant. Consistent with the DPW’s other preventative maintenance programs, the DPW intends to implement a long-term maintenance program to ensure the pump stations continue to stay in good working order. This project will also significantly reduce operation and maintenance costs.

- Vehicle Replacement ($55,000)

This is directly tied to the vehicle replacement program previously mentioned in the Free Cash account above. The total program for fiscal year 2021 is $512,500.

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