BURLINGTON - Bennett’s Sandwich Shop hopes to open its second Massachusetts location in the former Sears portion of the Burlington Mall.

The eatery, out of Kennebunk, ME, is not a franchise and currently has only three other locations, including Boston’s notable Fenway neighborhood, Portsmouth, NH, and of course, Kennebunk, ME.

Bennett’s is a fast casual restaurant offering sandwiches, salads, and breakfast items in both indoor and outdoor seating within a portion of the former Sears retail building. Hot sandwiches range from steak and cheese, meatball, and chicken cheesesteak to pastrami and cheese of chicken fajitas. The cold sandwiches feature classic deli meats like ham, turkey, roast beef, and salami, along with tuna, seafood salad, and chicken salad. Bennett’s is also known for its lobster rolls and the double-sized “lobby sub,” stuffed with extra lobster meat.

Bennett’s first opened in Kennebunk, ME in 1982, and by 2022, the business anticipates opening its fourth location in the Burlington Mall.

Only one special permit is before the Planning Board for this proposal. There are no exterior alterations proposed for this redevelopment and no liquor will be sold.

“We could not be more excited to come to Burlington,” declared Brendin McCord, of Bennett’s Sandwich Shop. “Our business frequented Burlington for catering services in the past and we always wanted to locate [in Burlington].”

The planners saw no issues with the proposal, but the board’s protocol since primarily conducting virtual meetings last year is to not approve any new applications until the applicant comes before the board for a second time. This strategy gives the public ample time to submit feedback.

The board voted to continue this proposal to its next meeting on June 17.

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