BURLINGTON - The famed Connecticut pizza scene will have a presence in Burlington after the Planning Board approved a special permit for Frank Pepe’s to locate in the Mall.

Under the legal entity Frank Pepe’s of Burlington LLC, the Connecticut-based, family pizza business filed paperwork to occupy the Uno’s space in the Burlington Mall. Uno’s closed its doors this past January.

Frank Pepe’s is a well-established and recognized pizzeria restaurant, specializing in the thin crust style, originated in Connecticut, with its first Massachusetts location recently opening in Chestnut Hill. The Burlington Mall location will be their second in Massachusetts. The Mall location will consist of a full-service restaurant with 98 seats in the 3,962-square-foot former Uno’s space. No outdoor seating is a part of the plan, and food service will be provided to patrons during both lunch and dinner hours, just like Uno’s.

Frank Pepe’s will use roughly half the seating Uno’s did, with 98 compared to 200, so it will technically be a partial occupation of the Uno’s space as a new divider wall is expected to be installed to round out the space for Frank Pepe’s. No negative traffic impacts are expected from the new business.

“While this proposal will introduce a new eating establishment to the Burlington Mall, the overall seating count within the complex is well below the total in existence at the time of Uno's operation, which, as you are aware has closed. Therefore, we do not anticipate any impacts from this proposal relative to vehicular and pedestrian circulation, parking capacity or sewer allocation,” said local attorney Mark Vaughan, of Riemer & Braunstein, representing Frank Pepe’s of Burlington LLC.

There will be no expansion of the site’s floor area and no delivery service, but takeout is a part of the service provided.

In recent years, Frank Pepe’s has been on the move, bringing its acclaimed pizza to nine locations across Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts.

The planners expressed excitement about such a renowned pizza business choosing Burlington for its second Massachusetts location.

“I am looking forward to trying your pizza,” said Planning Board member Carol Perna.

Chair John Kelly added, “This is not much of a change for the tenant space from our perspective. I have no problems with the application.”

The planners approved the special permit by a 5-0 vote. Members Joseph Impemba and William Gaffney were absent from the meeting.

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