BURLINGTON – A.L. Prime took over the Carli Convenience Plus property on Cambridge Street in September 2020, and the new owners will now be relocating the area where they store beer and wine.

The beer and wine license was part of the new ownership takeover. Carli Convenience Plus had been selling beer and wine there since March 2013, and A.L. Prime has continued the tradition.

A.L. Prime is a regional operator of gas stations and convenient stores in Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire, with a “strong reputation” for managing such businesses with similar beer and wine licenses without issue. They have three other gas station/convenient stores with such licenses.

A.L. Prime went in front of the Select Board this past Monday night seeking approval for an amendment to the existing wine and malt package store license, which will allow them to display the products within an expanded section of the business.

The plan is to relocate the same amount of stored alcohol to another, more spacious section of the store. The Select Board wanted to make sure there won’t be additional quantities of beer and wine on the floor for sale, and A.L. Prime confirmed that won’t be the case.

Select Board member Robert Hogan reminded A.L. Prime that Burlington takes its alcohol rules and regulations “very seriously” and reiterated it would be prudent for them to maintain things as they have been going on there operationally the last eight years.

The Select Board approved the alteration of premises request by a 4-1 vote. Member Joseph Morandi voted against.

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