BURLINGTON – Residents are doing the “hokey pokey” after finding out the Oki Poky restaurant will be locating on 3rd Ave. in Northwest Park.

The Planning Board recently approved a special permit for the fresh food restaurant to open up shop in the former Bedford Farms location, which closed last October.

The Oki Poky concept is a mix of bowl and burrito meals, with a focus on fresh fish (salmon and tuna), greens, and salads.

Fang Lin, representative of the Oki Poky, informed the planners that the Bedford Farms space layout is “perfect” for this use. They do not need a large space because most of their business revolves around takeout, as only 10 seats were approved as part of the special permit; less than what Bedford Farms used.

For that reason, barely any construction alterations will be necessary for the space. The applicant’s only other business is in Westford, where they have been very successful.

“The Oki Poky hopes to be a cornerstone in the Burlington community, much like we are in Westford,” said Lin. “We have been recognized for our outstanding salads cuisine, excellent service and friendly staff. Our salads restaurant is known for its modern interpretation of classic dishes and its insistence on only using high quality fresh ingredients.”

The planners were excited to add the Oki Poky to Burlington’s increasingly long list of restaurants.

“They are adding to the food diversity of Burlington, which is always great,” remarked Assistant Planner Elizabeth Bonaventure.

Planning Board member Michael Espejo revealed there is a lot of enthusiasm already in town for Oki Poky.

“There is a lot of excitement in town for your business,” declared Espejo. “I wish you the best of luck.”

The board approved the special permit by a 5-0 vote. Members Paul Raymond and Joseph Impemba were absent from the meeting.

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