Maggie Girouard

Maggie Girouard - Mixed Choir and Choral officer, National Honor Society and Century Club member

Maggie Girouard is an incredible student, friend and sister. Her time at RMHS has been memorable and she has made her mark on the school through her work in the RMHS Drama club and service clubs. She is known for going out of her way to help others. Her friends and family would say that she is such a kind and amazing person. Her teachers would say that her contributions to the class are always insightful and inspiring. She embodies what it means to be a good person.

Maggie is a RMHS mixed choir officer and a choral officer, positions she was chosen for as a sophomore. Her leadership skills are evident in this position as she has helped with organizing, planning and encouraging new students into the group. She also “lettered” in the RMHS Drama Club because of her dedication, hard work and skill. Through the music and drama department, Maggie has made some of her best memories. What she will remember most about high school is the clubs and activities that she participated in.

“I had such fun making plays in the drama club, singing in the choir, and doing various other fun stuff throughout the years. High school isn’t just about the classes you take, it’s also about what you do outside of school,” she shares.

Giving back to the community is a deep passion of Maggie’s. She cares about giving back and standing up for animal rights, gender equality, feminism, and human rights. She was in the RMHS Interact club her freshman and sophomore years, which is a community service club. Through the club, she raised money and volunteered at Rosie’s Place, a women’s homeless shelter. She also has volunteered for Culture House, a community pop-up in Cambridge, and has volunteered as a referee and assistant coach for the Reading Youth Field Hockey program.

Maggie prides herself in her hard work. She has always pushed herself to be the best student she can be. She has been recognized through her induction into the RMHS Century club which is a group of students who have the highest unweighted GPAs. She also was inducted into the RMHS chapter of National Honor Society for her leadership skills and hard work. In addition, she received the National Spanish Exam Bronze Award for her high score.

With Maggie's love of animals, from a young age she began horseback riding. She spent many weekends at Hunter Haven Farm where she gets to do what she loves. Now, she works at the farm where she feeds horses, cleans and fills water buckets, muck stalls, clean aisles, tacks and untacks horses, brushes horses, and helps little kids in their lessons. Her time at the barn has truly been some of her best memories. Any other free time she has, Maggie loves to draw and paint as well as read books.

For the future, Maggie has big plans. She would love to study to do something in Animal Sciences, Zoology, or pre-veterinary studies. She hopes to go to a four year, liberal art school relatively close to home. Maggie's passion for animal science runs back to her early childhood years of wanting to be a veterinarian and her love of horseback riding.

One of her most exciting opportunities was when she was accepted to the Tufts Adventures in Veterinary Medicine program at Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine. Within the program she got to do lots of fun things such as holding a piglet and a lamb, tipping a sheep, listening to interesting lectures, and shadowing fourth year vet students in their rounds around the animal


In her other free time, aside from the clubs Maggie is involved with, she has been a part of the RMHS Girls Field hockey program. Field hockey has been an important part of her life for a while and has been her favorite sport since she was in 4th grade. She has made so many amazing friends and memories through the program that she will cherish forever. Sadly with the uncertainty of this year, Maggie decided not to play on the team, but sometimes plays for fun with her friends.

Maggie's classes throughout her time at the high school have been very memorable. She has taken a variety of rigorous classes. Freshman through junior year, she took all honors classes as well as Advanced Placement Biology, and Advanced Placement Language and Composition. This year her classes include, Honors Film and Literature, Honors Story Writing, Advanced Placement Spanish Language and Culture, Mixed Choir, Honors Pre-calculus, Honors Physics, and Advanced Placement European History.

These classes have had a strong influence on Maggie. Her most influential classes have been Spanish with Senor Binaghi, AP Language with Mrs. Lombardo, and AP Biology with Mr. Albright.

Maggie shares, “Senor Binaghi and his class taught me to work hard, do your best, but still have fun doing it. Mrs. Lombardo helped improve my writing skills and analytical thinking skills, as well as reminding us to always stay calm and don’t overthink things. Mr. Albright taught me to be independent, manage my time well, and that laughing and smiling helps lower stress.”

Maggie is thankful for all the teachers she has had who have influenced her time at the high school.

Maggie feels that she wouldn't be where she is today if it wasn't for her family and friends. Looking back at her time at RMHS, she never forgets the days spent with her friends and family and she cherishes those memories. She thanks them for their compassion and amazing memories. “I would like to thank my friends and family because I genuinely wouldn’t have made it through high school without them. My close friends and family have been my support system, and have gotten me through any rough patches I may have faced. They helped me become who I am today.”

As Maggie looks back on her four years of high school, she shares, “High school isn’t easy. It’s stressful both work-wise and socially, and it’s a lot of work. But high school also shapes who you are as a person, what you value, and how you face challenges.”

She is grateful for the memories she made and the times she spent with her friends. Maggie wants to thank her family for their influence on her: “Thank you to my family for getting me to where I am today. Special thanks to my mom and dad for always listening to my problems, whatever they may be, helping me through hard times, and always giving the best advice. I love you!”

Maggie resides at 16 Ellis Ave with her parents, Gina and Mike and her sisters, Allie (23), Emma (21), Clara (14) and her dogs (Jasper and Zoe.)

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