George Speros Senior Profile

GEORGE SPEROS - RMHS Marching Band, Track & Field team, community volunteer

As a kind, considerate, and wise member of the Reading Memorial High School community, George Speros is known well by all. Whether in class, on the track, or playing with the Marching Band, George always has a positive impact on RMHS.

George feels that he is known as a “...positive influence and a hard worker [to the teachers]. To the students, I think I'm seen as a bit of a funny guy; one who stands out for holding his own flag and nobody else's, having odd values and being overly observant, but is appreciated for trying to be a friendly and thoughtful person.”

When asked about what he would remember about his past four years spent at RMHS, George said, “I will remember the tunes from my marching band seasons...the times that people were patient with me as a person and as a student…and all the great teachers, students and staff that I met along the way.”

George's most exciting moments were with the RMHS Marching Band and the RMHS Track & Field team. During his Freshman year, the band won first place in George’s first competition. George said he was so excited that he lost his voice for two days after screaming so much. His second most exciting moment came when he beat his personal record in the 400 meter dash by 10 seconds, cutting his time from 78 to 68 seconds.

George is a committed student and is proud of staying on the honor roll throughout his Freshman and Sophomore years. For his Senior year, George is taking many high level courses. These include AP United States Government and Politics, AP French, AP Environmental-Science, Honors Journalism, and Honors Pre-calculus. George’s past favorite class was Honors Intro to Engineering and Design. He credits the teacher, Mr. Hatton, with teaching him the valuable skill of Computer Aided Design and is someone he still talks to today.

For George, a word of thanks goes out to his grandparents. He said, “I want to thank my grandparents for being influences of wisdom and unconditional generosity in my life and my parents for teaching me how to be a strong and kind person. Through thick and thin, they always love me and they help me better myself.”

Beyond his artistic, athletic, and academic accomplishments at RMHS, George is committed to service in his community. George is an Altar Boy at his church, the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary Greek Orthodox Church in Woburn. George was involved with the Rotary Club of Reading during the Fall Street Faire this past September. He helped set up and maintain booths to ensure the Faire went smoothly. For this year, George plans to dedicate his time to more environmental work and humanitarian volunteering for the Reading Food Pantry and the RMHS chapter of Habitat for Humanity. George said, “I have recently discovered a love for both animal and human aid, as well as a love for the opportunity to serve.”

George stands for the concepts of altruism and stewardship. He said, “I wish to be a beneficial and influential member of my people and of all living things on earth.”

In his free time, George likes to journal and reflect on his thoughts. He’ll always jump at a chance to catch up with old friends or just spend time with new ones. George works at Hago Harrington’s Mini Golf in Stoneham.

George said, “I enjoy having meaningful conversations about life, opinions, and unexpected topics that lead to learning more about those that I speak with.”

George’s favorite quote is “Evolution never dumps what it makes; it grows with what it gets.” His favorite dessert is an ice cream sundae from Cal’s Creamery in Reading and his favorite TV show is Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

To summarize his thoughts about high school George said, “The encouragement, and kindness that I experienced, namely from my principal Ms. Theriault, my history teacher Ms. Bailey, the numerous substitutes (including Mr. Cardillo, Mr. Grant, Mrs. Palmer and Mr. Hart), and the janitors, especially the hard-working and ever-positive Tony Lavita have always been the best of people at the high school.”

For his future endeavors, George hopes to study Environmental Science at UMASS Amherst, Colby College, or Northeastern University. George lives on Prescott Street with his parents, Thomas and Hariklia Speros, and his siblings, Eleni (19), Elias (14), Dimitri (10), and Elissavet (6).

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