Christina DiCostanzo

Christina DiCostanzo - Co-President of Spanish Club and Co-Editor of the Yearbook

Through her hard work and outgoing personality, Christina DiCostanzo has held different leadership roles and won awards that have signified her as a pillar of the Reading Community. She’s a part of her different clubs that she’s helped cultivate and better, which is shown throughout her club-voted titles and awards.

Due to her dedication over the past few years, Christina looks forward to attending Bryant University next fall. She wants to major in marketing with a field of interest in analysis. The acceptance to this prestigious school goes to honor the hard work and many dedicated hours put into her education to better herself.

Another example of Christina’s exceptional grades is her induction into the RMHS chapter of the National Honor Society. This club includes the top percentage of each grade who contribute to the society in different ways such as volunteer hours and leadership roles, which she’s been a part of since her junior year.

Christina loves giving back to the community and bettering our town through the countless hours of community service she has clocked over the past few years.

She’s taught CCD to 6th graders at St. Agnes Church for a week for two consecutive summers, as well as hopefully this year too. She also helped make blankets for babies and children in hospitals, as well as make snack bags for first responders at the MLK day celebration in her senior year. Christina also helped bring Lazarus House donations up to their center in Lawrence that were collected by the patrons of St. Agnes Church. And she also guided characters around the Tree Lighting.

Her volunteerism also has also specially impacted our high school throughout the different clubs and programs she’s a part of. She served as a Rocket Ambassador her Junior year, helping the Freshman navigate the high school. And more recently she served as a Chair of PR for the RMHS Dance Marathon, which raised money for Boston Children’s Hospital, her junior year. She helped reach out to businesses for donations, as well as made posters and helped decorate the fieldhouse for the event.

Christina is a part of different clubs at the high school that she helps

better through her leadership ability and encouraging attitude.

She’s both Co-President of Spanish Club and Co-Editor of the Yearbook, showing how much of a difference she’s made in both the clubs.

Christina also earned a Varsity Letter in the Drama Club, something not most people do, and something to be very proud of.

Awards she earned in the beginning of her high school education were perseverance in art and business in her freshman and sophomore year.

In her free time she loves watching movies, specifically her favorite one, La La Land. Christina also enjoys spending quality time with her friends and family. She’s been dancing for thirteen years and has been trained in all styles, spending a lot of her free time at the dance studio.

When she’s not with friends and family, volunteering, or doing her favorite hobbies, Christina works as a hygiene assistant at the PDA Dental Group, where she's been working for almost 3 years now.

Over the past four years, Christina has consistently taken hard and rigorous engaging classes while at RMHS. This year she was enrolled in AP Government and Politics, AP Spanish, Honors History and Science of Epidemic Diseases, Honors Film and Literature, Honors Storywriting, SCP Calculus and Photography.

In the past she’s taken AP Statistics, AP Language and Composition and other Honors classes.

Through these hard classes, Christina has had the honor of learning under some of the best teachers at RMHS.

On teachers she credits as having the biggest influence on her academic and personal development, Christina names two in particular. These teachers are Mrs. Bailey, who taught her history, and Mrs. Pray, who taught her spanish. Without the knowledge taught by these teachers, Christina wouldn’t have had such a fun and encouraging learning experience.

Christian would like to thank her parents, Carolynn and Frank, and her younger sister Sara (16) for always giving their support in everything she does.

She thanks her family and friends for their utmost care and love over the past four years and beyond. Without her family and friends, Christina wouldn’t have had such an enjoyable high school experience.

Christina resides at 56 Hopkins Street with her family.

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