Zach Tzianabos

ZACH TZIANABOS - Captain of Tennis and Golf teams, Samantha’s Harvest, NHS member

To the RMHS community, Zach is a leader, teammate and friend. He is a dedicated student to school, athletics, and bettering the community and has made a substantial impact. He is a very outgoing and open person who values the relationships he has with fellow classmates. His work as captain of both the RMHS Varsity Golf and Tennis team has shown his dedication, hard work and effort.

Being in the National Honor Society, inducted in his junior year for his dedication to academics, leadership and service, Zach has academically proven his excellence.

He is also a dedicated volunteer and leader at RMHS serving as a three year class officer and a four year member of Samantha's Harvest Club. Summer of 2019, Zach along with a group of RMHS students, took a trip to Winston-Salem North Carolina with the RMHS Habitat for Humanity club where he helped build houses. He also participated in restores around Massachusetts. Zach also gave his time to help at Artis Senior Living in Reading, helping residents and staff.

Zach has been a member of the RMHS Varsity Tennis and Golf teams. He was also elected by his teammates to serve as captain. As captain of tennis and golf, some of his greatest memories consist of times on the court and on the course with his teammates. Looking back on his best memories, Zach shares that being named captain of the golf and tennis teams were good moments he will remember forever. He also shares that becoming a Middlesex League Champion for Golf in 2018 was an amazing memory for him and his team.

Outside of school and sports, Zach hangs out with friends and family. He also works for Golf Galaxy in Reading and practices golf and tennis for fun. Some of his favorite things include buffalo wings, cake, Chipotle, and the movie The Dark Knight.

Zach is forever grateful for the teachers he had and the relationships he made with his classmates. Every teacher at RMHS Zach shares has been caring towards him and always helped him. One teacher specifically, Ms Pray, Zach would like to thank for making Spanish the past three years fun and teaching a class he always loved. As for his classes, he shares that high school classes were always so fun and interesting as he loves learning and challenging himself. Some of his favorites include Advanced Placement Chemistry, Advanced Placement United States History, Advanced Placement Computer Science, Spanish, and English 10. This year his courses include Advanced Placement Physics, Advanced Placement Government and Politics, Advanced Placement Biology, Honors Pre-calculus, Spanish, and Honors Film and Literature.

Looking back on his time at the high school, Zach shares that he will remember the relationships and connections he made with others. In general, he will always remember the simple joys of high school like walking around the halls and greeting his peers and teachers and being with friends during classes, and in group projects. Zach shares his favorite quote by Mary Lou Retton: “A trophy carries dust but memories last forever.”

As for the future, Zach is excited. He plans to attend college and major in biology. He does not know where he will go, but he is excited for the possibilities.

Zach feels that his friends, teachers and classes have shaped him and helped him become who he is and he will take the skills he mastered in high school to new heights in the future. He is also forever grateful for his family for their love and support. He thanks his family and friends for always being there for him.

“I want to thank my Mom, Dad, Kaila, Alec and Nina for helping me be where I am today, I wouldn’t have done it without them.”

Zach Tzianabos lives at Duck Road with his parents Kirsten and Arthur and siblings Kaila (26), Alec (25), Christina (23).

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