Olivia Caruso

Olivia Caruso - Rocket Ambassador, Girls Varsity Hockey Captain, Field Hockey, Track teams; University of Mississippi in Fall

Olivia is a dedicated student who has proven her academic and athletic excellence through her great accomplishments.

Many of her classmates would say that she is a kind student who helps others and is extremely smart. She takes pride in her work and making connections with others. She is a good friend, sibling, and teammate who makes others feel welcome.

Her dedication to community and athletics proves her teamwork and sportsmanship.

What makes Olivia stand out is her dedication. She puts considerable effort into her work and time into what she does that makes her well deserving of recognition. She was recognized by being on the High Honor Roll numerous times. This is evidence of her dedication to her studies and schoolwork.

Not only does Olivia achieve academic excellence, but her work in school clubs and community service has shown her kindness and dedication to the community.

Olivia was chosen to be a Rocket Ambassador which is a mentoring program at RMHS for underclassmen. Olivia was an upperclassmen chosen by staff to lead freshmen in their orientation and first day of school. Staff chose her because they felt that she embodied the RMHS core values and was a representation of a good leader.

Olivia volunteered for a program called “Special Skates” which teaches kids with special needs how to skate. She did this every Saturday and dedicated many hours to teaching her passion for skating. Olivia shares that this was one of her favorite programs as she got to see the kids she worked with fall in love with skating and have fun.

In addition Olivia volunteered for the Jimmy Fund where she participated in events to help those with cancer.

Olivia is dedicated to the RMHS athletics. She has participated in three sports. Freshman and sophomore year she was on the Varsity Girls Spring Track team participating in a number of events. She also played field hockey for all four years, junior and senior year being on the Varsity team. And, she spent four years on the Varsity Girls Hockey Team. Senior year, she was elected by her teammates and coaches to be a captain of the hockey team.

Some of her best memories are from her time spent on the field, track and ice. She met amazing people on her teams and developed bonds with many.

Olivia shares that her most exciting moment in her high school years was going to the semi-finals freshman year for hockey. She shares that the excitement and sense of accomplishment carried her and her team through brave and well-played games.

Olivia has taken advantage of the various classes that the high school had to offer. Freshman through junior year, she took challenging classes that she also found enjoyable.

This year her courses included, Algebra 3, Story Writing, Film and LIterature, Acting 1, Tech Theater, and Field Seminar.

There have been many teachers at RMHS who have made high school amazing for Olivia. She would like to thank all of them for being so inspiring and pushing all their students to be their best. She shares that it's hard to pick a favorite teacher because so many inspired her in one way or another – making the classroom environment so enjoyable that she wanted to go to school everyday. But, if she were to pick one, Ms. Taglilatela was one that stood out as such a kind and caring teacher. Olivia shares that “she was always someone you could talk to about anything and she would help you with anything.”

Olivia shares that she will miss many people who helped make so many memories at the high school. All of the people she met, and her close friends whom she shared so many moments with, are the people she is sad to leave. Her most memorable moments include those with her friends and classmates.

When Olivia is not studying, or at school, she can be found doing multiple things. She most likely will be practicing field hockey and hockey since those are her main passions and she loves them. She also loves spending time with her friends and family.

Olivia shares that her high school experience has truly shaped her into the young woman she is today. She will remember all of the amazing memories and experiences. All her friends, teachers and classes have shaped her and helped her become who she is.

In the fall Olivia plans to attend the University of Mississippi where she plans to major in business. She is excited to attend a school in the South as it will be a change of scenery and she can get to experience great things.

Olivia would like to thank her teachers as well as all of the those at RMHS because they make the school a great place to be by encouraging and motivating their students.

She is also forever grateful to her family for their love and support. They have taught her to reach beyond her goals, and encourage those around her to do the same.

Olivia Caruso resides at 77 Hartshorn St. with her parents, Chris and Andrea, her brother Josh (23) and sister, Sabrina (21).

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