Autumn Brian

AUTUMN BRIAN - Boston University Book Award recipient, High Honor Roll; will attend Salem State

Autumn Brian is known for her smile and her outreaching kindness. Her stellar academics prove her success at RMHS. Friends and classmates of Autumn always say that she lights up the room and is an amazing person to be around. One shared, “Autumn is the friend you laugh with all the time and the one you go to when you are having a bad day; she's always there for others and is an amazing friend and person.” Her generosity and care for others is evident in her actions. Her kindness translates to the work she does in the community,

Looking back, Autumn is surprised by how quickly time went by and moments flew past her, but she is grateful for her progress and accomplishments in academics. Aside from her accomplishments will remember the moments she spent with her friends and classmates. Autumn shares that she loved meeting new people as high school was a place for her to branch out and make memories. She is thankful for all the memories and moments shared in RMHS.

Autumn’s stellar academics have been proven through recognition. She has gotten High Honor Roll throughout her time at the high school. She received the Boston University Book Award for exemplifying academic excellence, leadership and community/school involvement.

Already on her way to success, she wants to attend Salem State University where she will major in psychology. She hopes to one day help others and make a difference with her career field. Autumn is excited to start her next journey and looks forward to attending Salem State.

Autumn is passionate about what she believes is right. Actively fighting for those who need help and standing up against hate is something she feels is important and a priority in her life. She shares that she stands up for human rights and really believes that everyone should be treated equally and with respect no matter gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity etc. Autumn identifies that there is a lot of work that needs to be done to achieve that in today's word and she fights for it by informing others. She also strongly believes in helping climate change by protecting our planet through reducing carbon emissions.

“Activism is such an important part of my life, I always fight for what is right,” she shares.

Over her years at RMHS, Autumn has taken rather challenging classes and strived to do her best. Autumn shares challenging herself academically was a rewarding experience because she got to delve into the subjects she is most passionate about. This year her classes include Honors Epidemic Diseases, Child Development, Environmental Ecology, Film and Literature, Intro to Calculus, and Creative Writing.

In the little free time that she has, Autumn spends it with her friends and family, hanging out. She likes to go on adventures and explore new places such as Walden Pond, Breakheart Reservation, Ward Reservation and much more. She loves to watch her favorite movie, Forrest Gump, and she also enjoys eating at her favorite restaurant, Texas Roadhouse. She also is employed at Chili’s in Reading where she is a hostess and a ToGo worker.

Looking back on her time at RMHS she is grateful for the opportunities it has presented to her and she is grateful for the memories that she shared with many of her peers. She feels that her time at the high school has helped prepare her for the future. A quote she shares that inspires her by Henry David Thoreau: “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.”

Autumn thanks her family and friends for their support throughout her time at the high school. “They are people that I know I can always be able to lean on if I am ever struggling.” Her friends and family have had her back from the beginning and inspired her dedication to everything she does. She specifically wants to thank her mother: “I would like to thank my mom for always supporting me and pushing me in the right direction. She is someone I am able to talk to about anything without hesitation and I can always rely on her for helping me if I am ever stuck.”

Autumn resides at 126 Haverhill Street with her parents Cara and David and her four siblings ages 29, 25, 22, and 21.

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