Brody Wolter

BRODY WOLTER - National Honor Society, Varsity Track & Field, RMHS Marching Band, Robotics Team

Brody Wolter has always been a kind and trustworthy person. Brody is a highly involved and motivated member of the Reading Memorial High School community. A Senior, Brody is a committed student who has excelled academically while also being heavily involved with Marching Band, clubs, and athletics. Those that share class with Brody know him as a hardworking and intelligent student who is always there to help or crack a joke.

Some of Brody’s fondest High School memories come from his time as a Bass Drummer and Treasurer in the RMHS Marching Band. In 2019, the band won the Marching Band home show. This was a huge accomplishment for the Marching Band and something Brody is very proud of. Brody also participates in Athletics at Reading Memorial High School. In the Spring season of Track & Field, Brody throws discus for the Rockets at the Varsity level.

Outside of Marching Band and Track & Field, Brody is extremely dedicated to his clubs and extracurricular activities. He is an Officer of the RMHS Politics Club, a club of students that meet for discussion and debate of a relevant political topic. Brody is the Mechanical Lead for the RMHS Robockets robotics team. The Robockets is the highly competitive robotics team here at RMHS. The team competes in the First Robotics Competition each year. Brody’s leadership position on the team is something he is very proud of. Brody works at Brownie’s By The Sea in Mashpee, Massachusetts as a food prepper and cashier over the summer.

Brody has filled his schedule with rigorous Honors and Advanced Placement level classes during his time at RMHS. Some of his past favorite courses include Advanced Placement Computer Science with Mr. Strout and Advanced Placement Chemistry with Mr. Buono. When asked which classes have made an impact on him, Brody said, “Mr. Buono’s Advanced Placement Chemistry course really showed me how I learn best, with little homework but ample opportunity to revisit topics and deepen my understanding of them.”

Brody has a lot to show for his academic achievements. Brody is a member of the National Honor Society. In order to obtain this achievement, Brody had to complete 40 hours of community service, have a high GPA and hold 2 leadership positions. Brody met and exceeded these requirements after tutoring French and for 52 hours between October of 2020 and April of 2021. He is also the recipient of the UMass-Lowell scholarship book award.

In his very limited free time, Brody enjoys playing video games or going out with friends. Besides playing bass drum for the RMHS Marching Band, Brody also plays the saxophone. His favorite movie is Good Will Hunting and his favorite actor is Jason Bateman. Brody’s favorite foods include grilled swordfish and cookie dough ice cream. His favorite restaurant is Fresh Ketch in Hyannis, Massachusetts. Around the High School, Brody is known as the resident tall guy. When asked about what he would remember the most about his time spent at RMHS he said, “The people I met and the friendships I made are what will truly stand the test of time.”

For his Senior year, Brody has continued his trend of taking some of the hardest classes offered at RMHS. His course load this year includes Advanced Placement Calculus BC, Advanced Placement Government and Politics, Advanced Placement French Language and Culture, Honors Storywriting, Advanced Placement Physics 1 and an Organic Chemistry Independent Study.

For his future plans, Brody plans to study either Political Science or International Relations at schools close to home, including Tufts University or Northeastern University. Brody’s ultimate dream job is working for the United Nations but he is also interested in jobs as a diplomat or researcher.

Brody resides on Forest Street with his parents Lynn and Scott, and his brother Dylan, (17).

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