Joanna Coram

JOANNA CORAM - Dartmouth College Book Award, Century Club, National Honor Society and Drama Club member

Joanna Coram is an incredible student, kind friend, and amazing person who has made a mark on the school, community and town. Her academic achievements are noteworthy and worthy of recognition, but more importantly her kindness has made her stand out among the crowd. Her friends and family say that she is a bubbly person who makes others laugh. Her teachers say that her contributions are essential and insightful. To the community, Joanna is known for her dedication and kindness.

Joanna's academic achievements have proven her success and dedication. As a member of the National Honor Society, she has shown her overall leadership, character and hard work. She is a member of the RMHS Century Club which consists of students who have the highest GPAs in the school. Junior year, she was awarded the Dartmouth College Book Award which she received for her dedication to both academics and extracurriculars. Because of her talent and hard work in her French classes she received a gold medal in the National French Contest both sophomore and junior year.

Not only is Joanna a strong and successful student, but her club

accomplishments are equally noteworthy. As President of the RMHS Book Club, Vice President of the French Club, Member of Leo Club, Habitat for Humanity Club, Playwriting Club, and Shakespeare Society, she has involved herself in the amazing things the high school has to offer.

She also is a dedicated member of the RMHS Drama Club, which she shares is a place where some of her favorite memories are from. In particular, she shares, “One of my most exciting moments was being cast as Elizabeth Bennet in the RMHS Drama Club’s production of Pride and Prejudice: A Living Storybook this year.”

Two summers ago, Joanna went to North Carolina with the RMHS Habitat for Humanity Club. There, she volunteered at different sites building houses for those in need. This trip was a week and she shares that she enjoyed the experience. Prior to the pandemic, Joanna volunteered as a NetGuide at the Reading Public Library, providing patrons with technology support.

Looking back on her high school years, she will remember her friends and classmates with whom she shared special bonds. She shares she will remember lunches at school with friends the most as they were always shared with laughter and good things. She also will always remember her experience of hosting a French exchange student through her French class. This, she shares, was such a memorable experience that she will never forget.

In her free time, Joanna loves hanging out with her friends and family. She also enjoys reading, writing and baking.

Joanna has taken advantage of the various classes that the high school had to offer. Because of this, she would like to thank the teachers who make RMHS a great place to be and who encourage and motivate their students.

She shares, “I’d like to thank the teachers, administrators, and support staff for all the work they’ve done during the pandemic.”

Her past classes included challenging and rigorous courses.

Some of her favorites have been Advanced Placement Chemistry and Advanced Placement English Language and Composition. This year she is taking

Advanced Placement Physics C, Advanced Placement Calculus BC, Advanced Placement Literature, Advanced Placement French, Advanced Placement European History, Tech Theatre, and Music


As for the future, Joanna plans to attend a college of university and hopes to study cognitive science, comparative literature or environmental science. She is excited for her future and looks forward to new beginnings.

She shares that she will miss the many people who helped make so many memories at the high school. All of the people she met, and her close friends whom she shared so many moments with, are the people she is sad to leave. Joanna shares that she will take the skills she mastered in high school to new heights in the future. She shares a quote by Dessert Antoine de Saint-Exupéry that motivates her: “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eye.”

She is also forever grateful to her family for their love and support. They have taught her to reach beyond her goals, and encourage those around her to do the same. “I would like to thank my family and friends for their encouragement,” she shares.

Joanna lives on Ridge Road with her parents Susan and Geoffrey and sister Megan, 20.

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