MICHAEL CASARANO - Varsity Lacrosse member, National Honor Society member

Reading Memorial High School students and teachers view Michael Casarano as a determined and intelligent individual who has made a substantial impact on the community. Michael has been a friendly face throughout the hallways and town of Reading to the members of his society. For four years, Michael has been an avid member of the Reading Memorial High School Community, participating and bettering many different clubs and sports.

Throughout his high school years, Michael has taken high level courses and excelled academically. Constantly challenging himself, he shares that he has taken Honors Classes and many Advanced Placement classes as well. This year, he has a full course load with AP BC Calc, AP ES, AP Gov, and AP Spanish.

To seal Michael’s intelligence and perseverance, he is a National Honor Society Inductee: a nationwide organization that selects students based on their scholarship, leadership, service and character. This club helps to celebrate high school students and maintains the notoriety of a prestigious club.

Two of Michael’s passions and talents are lacrosse and hockey.

Being involved with the sports for many years he has developed a love and dedication for it.

He played JV Hockey for two years and enjoyed his time on the ice tremendously.

Michael has also played lacrosse all four years of high school and has developed great friendships with his teammates and coaches because of it.

Throughout his time at RMHS, Michael has had many teachers that have made an impact on his life,

academically and personally.

One that has specifically stood out to him has been Mr. Binhagi, his spanish teacher, because of his kindness and personality. Michael thanks them, along with his other great teachers for pushing him to be the best student he can be over the years.

“I enjoyed my time at RMHS, and I would like to thank all my teachers that helped mold me into the person I am today. I have learned many valuable lessons throughout the years from them,” Michael shares.

His favorite high school class has been AP Government. Michael shares, “AP Government has been by far the most interesting class I have taken, and has taught me so much about politics and helped to shape many of my views.” He’ll miss the moments shared in this class with his fellow classmates and teacher.

In his free time, Michael enjoys practicing lacrosse. He’s loved playing the sport for many years and has helped pass his passion onto younger kids by volunteering at Reading Youth over the winter. Michael shares that it’s a rewarding experience to help foster a love for something he’s so passionate about.

Michael would like to pursue a career in business. He is looking at schools in and around the New England area, including Bentley, Boston University and UMass Amherst. Although it’s too early to tell where he’ll be attending next year, Michael looks forward to the upcoming opportunities college will bring.

He would like to take this time to thank his close friends and family for their support and encouragement over the years. He is very thankful for the constant love in everything he has done and will always be grateful for the great relationships that came out of Reading.

“I definitely would not be the person I am today without all my great friends and my amazing family. They have truly made the high school experience a special one,” Michael shares.

Michael resides on Sherwood Road with his parents Maria and Paul, and siblings Nicholas (13), Alexandria (20).

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