AIDAN VINCIGUERRA - Honor Roll, member of Symphonic, Marching, and Jazz Bands

­­To the Reading community, Aidan Vinciguerra is a humorous, talented, and pragmatic person. In his previous years, he has attended Summer Street Elementary School, Lynnfield Middle School, Parker Middle School, and then Reading Memorial High School. To those that knew him from the school band or only saw him perform at jazz band concerts, he is known for his talent in music.

One of his friends shared, “I knew Aidan since eighth grade, and I remember at that time he could already play around 11 different types of instruments which is really insane. In the classroom, he can be a very talkative person and he is someone you can joke around with.” Besides being musically talented, he is a really nice and intelligent person.”

When asked what he would remember most about his time in high school, Aidan shares, “Getting accepted to Boston University so I know I can finally leave high school. I found my acceptance during an evening band rehearsal, and I remember I was on stage while my friends cheered with me. It was very exciting to know that I got accepted at BU.”

Throughout his high school career, Aidan was awarded a few awards. In his freshman year, Aidan was awarded the Perseverance in Music. That same year, he was awarded the Bronze Medal in the Grand Concours French exam. During his four years of high school at RMHS, Aidan has always been an honor roll student. Aidan’s favorite class would be Advanced Placement Chemistry with Mr. Buono. He shares, “I have never been challenged by such a difficult class across my high school class that I have enjoyed as much as I have with him. He is patient and teaches you to have a deep understanding on every topic, not just to memorize the periodic table.”

For his senior year, Aidan’s classes include Advanced Placement AB Calculus, Advanced Placement European History, Advanced Placement Statistics, Advanced Placement French, Jazz Band, and Honors Poetry.

When asked to describe Aidan, his teachers all had many things to say. Aidan’s French teacher notes, “Aidan is an excellent student who doesn’t take himself too seriously. He is a character with his very own sense of humor.”

Aidan’s Jazz Band and Symphonic Band teacher Mr. Mulligan shares, “Aidan has always been a natural musician. What most people don't understand is that he works very hard to improve; it is not just his natural abilities that make him a good musician.”

Outside of school, Aidan would spend time working at Target as a Tech Consultant. In his free time, Aidan enjoys reading, listening and playing music, and studying independently in foreign languages.

Aidan wanted to spend some time sharing thanks to one of his teachers, Mr. Mulligan. He shares, “I would like to thank Mr. Mulligan for basically babysitting me and dealing with me for my four years of high school. I am a member of his three bands, the Symphonic, Marching, and Jazz Bands.”

Some quick fun facts about Aidan would be that his favorite food would be udon. His favorite dessert is stroopwafels. His favorite actor is Jason Statham. His favorite TV show is It’s Okay To Not Be Okay. Aidan’s favorite book is called The Square which is written by Choi In-hun. His favorite quote is also from The Square, “The good father who sent you to France to study! The evil school superintendent who fired a hard-working teacher! The answer to the riddle is a paradox. It is that the good father and the bad public figure are the same person…”

In the future, Aidan will be attending Boston University in the fall. He plans on dual majoring in finance and international relations with a minor in history. His parents are Samantha King, Jared King, and Jamie Vinciguerra. His brother is Ethan King (6). Aidan resides on Gould Street with his family.

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