READING – Last Thursday night at the close of 3.5 hour School Committee meeting, two of the School Board’s senior members announced they would not be seeking reelection for another term.

As a result the School Committee will have three vacancies to be filled in the March 3, Town Election. Voters will fill the three year terms now held by Jeanne Borawski and Linds Snow Dockser and will also fill a one year seat now held by Pat Calley. She told the appointing committee when she filled the post after the resignation of veteran member Elaine Webb, that she would not be a candidate in the election fill Webb’s one year unexpired term.

The remaining members of the School Committee are veteran member and current chairman Chuck Robinson and first year members Thomas Wise and John Parks.

Both Borawski and Dockser were elected to the School Committee in 2014.

Borawski has served as chairman of the School Committee and vice chairman, her current position. As the meeting was ending Borawski announced she would not be seeking a third term saying that she had been discussing the matter over the last several months with her husband and two children and had reached the “bittersweet” decision not to run again. She added that it was the right decision for her family.

Dockser then announced she also would not be running for a third term. She went on to say she “loved being on the School Committee” and had learned and gained so much through the experience. She added she had months of discussion with her family about the decision not to seek reelection as it was not right time now for her personally but hinted she may run in the future adding “the signs will stay in my attic”. She asserted not running was a really hard decision and said she would stay involved but in a different way.

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