TARA PARSONS - Editorial Director of the Japan Periodical, member of National Honor Society

Tara Parsons is a kind, outgoing and generous student who has made a strong impact on the RMHS and Reading community. Her work inside and outside of school has been recognized and her achievements are noteworthy. She has made an impact through her intelligence and strong artistic ability where she has presented her work in art shows and showcases.

At RMHS she has been a strong member of clubs and activities and has always been an amazing student. She is a member of National Honor Society and is constantly on the High Honor Roll showing she has maintained a high level of academic achievement.

Tara’s time as a high school student has been filled with interesting opportunities and many memories. She has been involved with art clubs at the high school and has done work outside of the school, participating in amazing programs. She was featured in the school newspaper, the RMHS Orbit for her work that was highlighted in ArtsFest.

One of her favorite memories and opportunities was Interviewing Dr. Bill Tsutsui who is a former dean at Southern Methodist, former president of Hendrix College, and Harvard Professor. With her love for his lectures about post-modern Japanese economics at University of Chicago, Tara emailed him, and he agreed to be interviewed by her for the The Japan Periodical of which she is the director. She shares that the interview was amazing and a truly inspiring experience.

Tara’s role as an Editorial Director and Boston Regional Director of the Japan Periodical where she does interviews and explores art in Japan is an inspiring and impressive position. The Japan Periodical is an “international and bilingual organization devoted to familiarizing the globe with Japan's empirical and metaphysical influence on the human condition. Through articles, interviews, and experiences, we aim to spread a multifaceted understanding of Japanese culture from a political, economic, medical, historical, and artistic standpoint.” She has loved being a part of the organization and especially loved the amazing opportunities that she has gotten.

Some of her favorite classes at the high school have been Advanced Placement Statistics, Advanced Placement Chemistry, and Advanced Placement Language. Her current favorites for this year are Advanced Placement Literature and Advanced Placement Art. For her senior year, her courses include Advanced Placement Studio Art, Advanced Placement Literature, Advanced Placement BC Calculus, Advanced Placement French, Advanced Placement Government, and Advanced Placement Physics.

In her free time, Tara loves to explore and create art, read, listen to music, explore fashion, interior design, watch movies, do letter-writing and attend lectures. Some of her favorite things are Nicholas Cage’s berserk art-house horror films with XYZ films and her favorite movies are Fight Club and Moonrise Kingdom. Her favorite artists are El Greco and John Singer Sargent and her favorite songs are “Street Hassle” by Lou Reed and “This Time Tomorrow” by the Kinks. Her favorite quote is “Man is a rope tied between beast and overman – a rope over an abyss. What is great in man is that he is a bridge and not an end” by Friedrich Nietzsche, 19th century German philosopher.

Looking back on her time in high school she remembers all good memories. Many opportunities and experiences she will remember forever. Tara plans to continue her education after graduation. She hopes to attend college or university somewhere close and is excited to hear back from schools. She is hoping to major in art history or economics with an interest in working with art.

Thanking her family for always being there for her and helping her along the way, Tara shares that they were instrumental in her education and always encouraged her to do her best. She also shares, “I would like to thank my mate, Michael Shaari, because he is the g and in non-figure-of-speech, has an almost identical psychological profile as me.”

Tara Parsons lives with her parents Pooja and Mark and sibling Meera (15).

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