SOFIA AZEVEDO - National Honor Society Social Chair, Honor Roll and Drama Club member

Sofia Azevedo is a generous and outgoing person who is also an excellent student and a person many look up to. Many of her friends and classmates share that she is a bubbly person who is always smiling. One student shared, “Sofias kindness is contagious and she is just a fun person to be around. She puts others first as she always helps those with schoolwork or anything else they need.”

Her time at the high school has given her experiences she will remember forever, including the time she spent with her classmates and the friends she made. She will cherish sporting events and school activities where she got to see her classmates and friends come together and share special memories. She will miss the laughs and learning moments with her teachers and overall will miss her time at the high school.

Sofia’s academic excellence is proven through her Honor Roll status for all four years of high school. She also was inducted into the RMHS National Honor Society. She was granted this through her high GPA, service work, and leadership skills.

Aside from her membership in the RMHS National Honor Society, she is the club’s Community Service Chair. With this role, she helps organize projects for the Seniors and helps lead meetings. In the community, she helps to organize food drives for the Reading Food Pantry and hopes to help with more service projects this year especially during the pandemic. Sofia also spends time helping kindergarten teacher Katie Cole to prepare materials for her students. In addition, she volunteers at the Mission of Deeds, helping to organize materials and assist the other volunteers with tasks.

Throughout her time at the high school she has had the opportunity to take amazing classes that have deepened her learning interests. Taking Honors and Advanced Placement classes, have helped her delve into learning and find what she loves. This year her courses include Advanced Placement AB Calculus, Advanced Placement French, Advanced Placement Biology, Honors Intro to Engineering Design and Honors Film and Literature.

Throughout her years at the high school, Sofia is thankful for the amazing teachers she has had. Teachers like Mr. Skehan, Mr. Albright, and Ms. Theissen influenced her love of math and science and always emphasized the importance of learning. They inspired her science and math interests and helped her with her desire to continue in the STEM field.

In what free time she has, aside from studying and volunteering, Sofia loves spending time with her friends and family. Sofia is an active member of the RMHS Drama Club and has been for the past four years. She has loved participating in key roles in the plays and also loved being on the backstage crew. In addition, she works at Cupcake City in Reading.

For the future, Sofia plans to continue her education at a college or university. She hopes to major in engineering. Right now she doesn't know what school she will attend, but is looking at schools relatively close to home. She is excited to start her journey into the future.

Looking back on her time at RMHS she is grateful for the opportunities it has presented to her and she is grateful for the memories that she shared with many of her peers. Sofia is thankful for the people she met and her close friends. She thanks her friends for always being there for her and shares, “My school experience would not have been the same without the people surrounding me.” Although it was challenging at times, Sofia is grateful for the support of their family and friends for always helping her through it.

Sofia lives at 52 Putnam Rd with her parents Rodrigo and Claudia and her sister, Isabel (22).

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