Emily Clarkson

EMILY CLARKSON - Girls Varsity Soccer Captain, Officer - Spanish Club and National Honor Society Member

Emily Clarkson is a kind and compassionate individual. Her strength in both academics and soccer, have made her a notable student athlete of the RMHS Class of 2021. She is known for her compassion and empathy and is a student that classmates go to for help. Many teachers share that her dedication to her studies is what makes her essential to the classroom as she is always there to offer her knowledge.

Growing up, Emily has always been on the soccer field. Her greatest memories have been playing with her teammates. She has dedicated her time to club soccer where she became the captain of the team this year. She also has many memories on the RMHS Girls Varsity soccer team. Since freshman year, she has loved playing on the team and making connections with the other players. This year she serves as the team's captain and shares that high school soccer has been one of the most memorable experiences. “The experience provided me with amazing friends, memories, and experiences that I will never forget. There is definitely something to be said about having the opportunity to represent your school on a sports team.”

Dedicated to the RMHS community, Emily has joined clubs and worked her way up to hold officer positions. This year she is an officer of the Spanish Club and has been a member since freshman year. She is a A World of Difference Peer Leader, which is an organization that helps to make communities more accepting and kind. Emily was chosen by RMHS faculty as a Rocket Ambassador. Through this position she is a mentor for underclassmen specifically freshman as she helps them through orientation. In addition she is a member of Leo club, and Samantha’s Harvest, both volunteer clubs.

In terms of her academic accomplishments, Emily has made her mark on RMHS and the Reading community through her membership in the National Honor Society where she was inducted for her scholarship, leadership and service. She also was awarded Honor Roll all four years of high school. In addition, Emily received a silver medal on the National Spanish Exam.

Emily has given a lot of her time to the Reading community. She has volunteered at the elementary schools as well as RISE preschool, community events such as the Reading Street Faire and the Tree Lighting, as well as art camp at Reading Creative Arts. She has also helped with processing letters at Town Hall, and helping with the Christmas Eve Mass and toy drives at St. Agnes Church. Her dedication to service is evidence of her strong character and kindness.

Sophomore year Emily volunteered for The Outreach Program in North Reading. There, she worked with a child with disabilities, providing one-on-one attention and helping her with her soccer skills, as well as helping her engage in healthy exercise. “I loved my experience volunteering at the program

because it is a great experience, and I feel like I was able to make a significant impact on both my life as well as my player’s. It was most definitely one of my most rewarding experiences in high school.”

Emily has loved her time at the high school learning from amazing teachers. She has had a lot of great teachers at RMHS, but there are three specifically that stick out as the most influential to her time in high school.

Mrs. Fedele, Emily shares was a great inspiration teacher and a wonderful person.

“She cares about each and every one of her students so much and would do anything for them. I can’t thank her enough for being kind and supportive, and for always putting a smile on my face.”

Mr Albright was also very influential on her development.

“When he was my teacher for AP Biology last year, he was always willing to help and to answer any and all of my questions; even if I was asking him to go over the test questions, the lab analysis, or the lecture notes for the second or third time to make sure I fully understood. He cares so much about his students and wants them not only to succeed with good grades, but also learn the material thoroughly. I have so much respect and appreciation for him prioritizing understanding of material and mental health over grades.”

Lastly Mr. Binaghi, Emily shares, is the best teacher she has had.

“He is so knowledgeable about not just Spanish but also life, and he made sure to teach us as much about both as he possibly could every single day. Also, he constantly challenged us to push beyond our comfort zone. This had a huge impact on my development because it helped me grow as a person and as a student.”

Throughout her time at the high school, Emily has taken all honors classes with additional Advanced Placement classes. This year her classes include Advanced Placement Chemistry, Advanced Placement Spanish Language and Culture, Honors Precalculus, Anatomy and Physiology, Honors Physics, Honors Story Writing, and Honors Film and Literature.

Emily is excited for the future where she plans to attend college and major in Kinesiology/ Exercise Science. Her goal is to one day become a Physician’s Assistant in Sports Medicine. She is mostly looking at colleges on the East Coast.

In her free time, Emily enjoys running and spending time with friends and family. She also loves skiing, going on a hike, a bike ride, or some other type of adventure. She likes listening to music and reading a good book. Emily also gives her time as a babysitter for neighborhood children and is youth soccer referee for the Reading Youth Soccer Program.

Emily shares a special thanks to her physical therapist for helping her through high school sports. “I would like to say thank you to my physical therapist Robin Taylor. She probably won’t see this, but if it were not for her I would not be able to play soccer, run, ski, etc. I can never thank her enough. Shout out to Maribeth Crupi Physical Therapy because you guys are the best!”

Emily is grateful for those who have guided her and helped her throughout her time in high school. “Like with any significant amount of time in life, high school definitely had its ups and downs. Especially sophomore year when I thought I may never play soccer again because of an injury. I never could have gotten through it without the constant love and support of my family and friends. That’s why I would like to say thank you for everything you do. I’m eternally grateful.”

Emily lives at 60 Deering Street with her parents Daniel and Kimberlee and her sister Ally (15).

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