TOWN MANAGER FINALISTS - Town Manager Screening Committee Chair Anne Landry (pictured above) announced earlier this week that the advisory panel has forwarded three finalists for the town manager’s vacancy that will open up in February. Landry is one of two Select Board designees who was appointed to the screening committee.


READING – The Town Manager Screening Committee has selected three finalists to replace Bob LeLacheur according to Anne Landry, committee chair.

The three finalists will be interviewed by the Select Board in open session on Tuesday, Dec. 7. The Select Board is scheduled to meet at 7 p.m. but at their previous meeting the board discussed the possibility of interviewing the finalists at 6 p.m.

The finalists were chosen by the screening committee, which is composed of Landry along with Select Board chair Karen Herrick, Library Director Amy Lannon, Fire Chief Greg Burns, Town Moderator Alan Foulds, and residents Chris Feudo, and Emily Sisson. The committee has worked with consultants from the firm Community Paradigm Associates.

In late August, Town Counsel Ivria Fried laid out the challenge ahead as well as the need to move quickly.

“Bob is leaving very big shoes to fill and it definitely going to be hard to find someone to step into his role,” said Fried. “With that said, I think we need to think about this from a place of moving expeditiously, but also deliberately and thoughtfully so we do get an excellent pool of candidates to select from.”

The town received 23 applications and the screening committee narrowed it down and interviewed candidates at the library last week. From the interviews, three finalists emerged. Community Paradigm then did background checks and next Tuesday, Dec. 7, residents will see who the finalists are.

The committee expects to release more information later this week.

LeLacheur announced he was stepping down at the Aug. 10 Select Board meeting and his final day is Feb. 25. LeLacheur moved into Reading in 1995 and volunteered for the Finance Committee for nine years. He then became Assistant Town Manager under Peter Hechenbleikner and when Hechenbleikner retired, LeLacheur took over on March 12, 2013.

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