Senior Profile - Emma Lattanzi

EMMA LATANZI - Tennis player, teacher at Bass River Tennis, will attend Endicott College

This week’s Senior Profile shines the spotlight on Emma Lattanzi a caring, loyal, and persevering senior at Reading Memorial High School. Emma is a kind friend to many and a great role model. She does her best to be there for others when they need a helping hand. Emma radiates positive energy making her easy to talk to and fun to be around. She is a dedicated student who puts her best effort into the work she does at school. Emma is a talented Tennis player and can be found showcasing her athletic abilities on the tennis court. Before coming to the high school Emma attended Joshua Eaton Elementary School and Parker Middle School.

For her senior year Emma is taking a great lineup of classes including Sculpture, Movement of Poetry, Unified PE, Child Development, Intro to Calculus, and Field Seminar.

When asked what her most exciting moment of high school was, Emma says it was being able to work in a Kindergarten classroom at Joshua Eaton Elementary School. Emma got to work with a teacher she had when she was in 1st grade. Emma says that the kids were a constant source of entertainment and would always put a smile on her face.

Emma adds, “I felt so appreciated in the classroom and everyday I look forward to being able to work with them and watch them grow.”

Some fun facts about Emma are that her favorite food is pasta and her favorite dessert is a chocolate chip cookie. Emma's favorite actress is Jennifer Lawrence and her favorite book is Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Emma's favorite music artist is Lord Huron. Emma’s favorite animal is a dog. In her free time Emma enjoys playing tennis, spending time with friends and family, and being outside in nature.

Emma’s main sport that she participates in is tennis. She plays year round at Bass River Tennis and then during the spring she plays on the girls varsity team at the high school. Sophomore year Emma played second singles and her junior year she played first singles.

Outside of school Emma also finds time for work. Throughout her senior year she has worked at Bass River Tennis in Beverly, MA. She works with young kids ages 5-6 and sometimes 7-8 teaching them the basics of tennis.

Emma writes, “I have grown to love working with these kids and will miss the warm environment of Bass River during the spring season of my senior year.”

When asked what Emma will remember most about her time at the high school she says it will be the friendships she has made along the way.

Emma says, “After a tough junior year, coming into senior year I was incredibly grateful for the people that allowed me to be myself and keep me smiling through dark times.”

A class that left a positive impact on Emma was her Algebra II class sophomore year with Ms. Herrmann. The environment that Ms. Herrmann created was extremely helpful and safe for many including Emma. She explains why she was so positively impacted by the class saying, “I had a really tough time understanding what we were learning, along with some mental challenges of my own at the time. Ms. Herrmann was the nicest and most understanding teacher. I didn’t feel stressed out about not understanding or struggling because she paid attention to my mental health and made me feel much better about it.”

Some other classes that Emma has enjoyed at the high school were AP Environmental Science with Ms. Schuette and Movement of Poetry with Ms. Clawson.

In terms of what Emma stands for, she emphasizes the importance of being authentically yourself and standing up for who you are. Emma adds, “The past couple years, through high school especially, I have grown to stand for being yourself. People are always trying to tear you down and I believe it is incredibly important to persist and stay true to who you are. To me, this means surrounding yourself with valuable people who make you feel important, not caring what others think, and standing up for yourself.”

Emma has a few people she would like to thank for her success and happiness during her high school years.

She writes, “I would like to thank my family, friends, and tennis coaches. My family has always been an incredible support system to me and let me express myself and who I am with nothing but love and support. My friends this year are the people who I will remember for never failing to make me laugh, and make me feel like the best version of myself. My tennis coaches from Northeast Tennis and Bass River Tennis have helped me forget about any times I have felt anxious, listened to me, helped me grow, and stood as an outlet for me when I needed to reset. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without these people.”

Next year Emma is attending Endicott College where she will major in Business Management.

Emma resides on Ash Hill Road with her parents Corey and Peter Lattanzi. Emma has three sisters, Elizabeth (20), Olivia (24), Leah (27).

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