Senior Profile_ Katie Hurley

KATIE HURLEY - RMHS softball, basketball, and volleyball teams; community volunteer

In this week’s Senior Profile we spotlight Katie Hurley, an ambitious, thoughtful, and enthusiastic senior at Reading Memorial High School.

Katie is a leader and friend to many at the high school. She is also an important member of the girls varsity softball, basketball, and volleyball teams. Katie values making connections with others and likes to step out of her comfort zone. Before coming to RMHS Katie attended Killam Elementary School and Parker Middle School. For her senior year Katie is taking a great variety of classes including, AP Government, Honors Film and Literature, Honors Story Writing, Honors Spanish 5, Intro to Calculus, Child Development, and Environmental Ecology.

When asked what her most exciting moment of high school was, Katie says that it was when her softball team won the Middlesex League in 2022.

She explains why the moment was so special saying, “We worked so hard all season and it was rewarding to see it all pay off. That team was like a second family to me and it was awesome to have success as a team on and off the field.”

Katie also mentions that the softball team is having another successful senior this year which was definitely motivated by their season in 2022.

Katie has played an active role in helping out around the Reading community. She was part of The Outreach Program for Soccer where she was paired up with a child who would benefit from having a buddy by their side while they played soccer. Katie also has helped out with Reading Softball Little League camps and clinics acting as a mentor to youth softball players. She also has helped the Reading Catholic Community with making sure church events run smoothly.

Some fun facts about Katie are that her favorite food is mac-and-cheese and her favorite dessert is ice cream. Katie’s favorite music artist is Taylor Swift and her favorite actress is Amanda Seyfried. Katie’s favorite book is The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald and her favorite animal is a dog.

Some of Katie’s past favorite classes at the high school were AP US History and Honors Psychology. In her free time she enjoys playing sports, spending time with friends and family, and going to the beach.

Katie would like to give thanks to Mr. McGowan and Coach Hopkinson for leaving a positive impact on her during her time at the high school. Katies writes, “Mr. McGowan made a great impact on my learning during junior year. Math was never my best subject, but he made sure that he was always available for extra help and he never moved on from a problem until me or another student fully understood.”

Coach Hopkinson was Katie’s health teacher and also her volleyball coach. Katie explains why she appreciated her so much saying, “She is such a kindhearted person and always makes sure that her room is a safe place to talk. I know that when I need someone to talk to, she is always there.”

Katie has played many sports at the high school including varsity softball, varsity basketball, and varsity volleyball. She is also a member of some of the clubs at the high school including, Cards for Kindness, Samantha’s Harvest, and Rocket Leader in Action. On top of sports and clubs Katie also has a job at Cal’s Brick Oven.

Katie would like to thank her friends, family, and teachers for their support during her high school career.

Katie writes, “I would like to thank my family and friends for creating such a great support system around me. I would also like to thank my teachers throughout my four years for always being there for the extra help and taking the time to make sure I learned the right way.”

Katie says that she will always remember the relationships she has created during her time at RMHS.

She explains why these relationships were so important saying, “High school has its highs and lows, but having amazing friends, peers, and teachers made it all worth it. I always had a great support system around me, whether it was in the classroom, on the field, or out with friends, I knew that they all wanted me to strive for success.”

Next year Katie is excited to attend Saint Anselm College where she will major in Psychology.

Katie resides on Ash street with her parents Larry and Missy Hurley. Katie also has an older sister, Abby Hurley (21).

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