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ZACH NICHOLS - National Honor Society, Marching and Jazz band, community volunteer

­­Zach Nichols is a charming, welcoming, and kind senior at Reading Memorial High School. He is a very involved member of the RMHS community. Zach is well regarded for his work ethic and his ability to make RMHS a welcoming place for all students. He is known by his peers as someone who is a genuinely good person.

Zach is someone who has spent his time at RMHS taking difficult classes and participating in a few different clubs and activities. This year, Zach is taking Honors Horror, Advanced Placement Computer Science, Advanced Placement Calculus AB, Advanced Placement United States Government, and Advanced Placement Physics. This slate of classes is very demanding, yet Zach has stepped up to the challenge and done well in his classes. Zach has been inducted into the National Honor Society, which is a group of students recognized for their accomplishments in academics, community service, and leadership. Students must meet strict criteria, such as maintaining a GPA above 3.5, holding a leadership position, and completing 40 hours of community service, before applying to become a member. This criteria must also be maintained in the year after being inducted.

A lot of Zach’s time at RMHS was spent with the Music department, which he credits as the part of high school that he will remember the most. Zach is part of the RMHS Jazz Band and RMHS Marching Band, in which he plays 2nd Baritone Trombone. In fact, one of his favorite memories from high school happened this year, when the RMHS Marching Band won the 2021 NESBA championship with a near perfect score of 96.2. This win was the first in RMHS history and was the culmination of hard work from each and every member of the Marching Band, including Zach.

Outside of school work and extracurricular activities, Zach devotes some of his time to community service. One particular activity he enjoys serving in is the After School Program at Wood End Elementary School, here in Reading. “I stumbled upon something truly amazing, the ability to help younger kids at Wood End after school and be the older figure I had while I was growing up,” Zach said about the program.

When looking back at his time spent here at RMHS, there were a few teachers and classes that stuck out to Zach. During his sophomore year, Zach took Advanced Placement Chemistry with Mr. Buono. He thoroughly enjoyed this class and said Mr. Buono was a teacher who made a great impact on him.

Another teacher Zach really enjoyed learning from is Mr. Mulligan. Mr. Mulligan is RMHS Jazz, Symphonic, and Marching Band Director. Zach spent a lot of time under Mr. Mulligan’s direction in Jazz and Marching Band. Zach would like to thank Mr. Mulligan for “running and directing the amazing bands that I have the privilege to be a part of.”

Outside of his busy schedule Zach loves to play trombone, hang out with friends, or “indulge in the expansive world of music.”

He works as a cashier at Calaresos and as a lifeguard in Wenham, MA. Zach’s favorite food is Tortellini de Parma from Bellino’s Trattoria in Wakefield, but his favorite restaurant is Chuy’s, and his favorite dessert is Pecan Pie. His favorite movie is Tenet and his favorite TV show is Loki. Zach’s favorite musical artist is Silk Sonic, the R&B duo of Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak. His favorite quote is “Nothing goes over my head, my reflexes are too fast, I would catch it.” - Drax.

Right now, Zach is in the midst of the college application process. He is interested in the STEM fields, so he hopes to study either chemistry or physics. At the moment, his favorite school is Hamilton College.

Zach lives on Hanscom Avenue with his parents, Nicole and Jeffry Nichols, and his younger sister, Elena Nichols (15).

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