READING - Town Manager Robert LeLacheur announced yesterday that Reading Police Chief Mark Segalla resigned from the force effective June 28.

Segalla had been placed on leave by LeLacheur effective December 22nd following an alleged domestic violence incident in Tewksbury on December 21st. That incident, investigated by Tewksbury Police, occurred while Segalla was off duty.

Segalla had been scheduled for arraignment in Lowell District Court on those charges on June 5, but the arraignment had been rescheduled to June 28.

In April LeLacheur released a statement on Segalla’s status saying “the Town cooperated fully with Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan’s office and maintained our silence during the Tewksbury investigation and follow up. Upon completion of the investigation, DA Ryan referred the matter to Norfolk DA Michael Morrissey, a common practice under the circumstances.”

“DA Morrissey then hired Special Prosecutor Kevin Mullen of Quincy to investigate the off duty incident involving Chief Segalla. We have cooperated fully both with DA Morrissey’s office and with Special Prosecutor Mullen over the past months. This includes maintaining our public silence, and taking no further actions.”

A special prosecutor reportedly approved the filing of charges against Segalla in the domestic incident which occurred in Tewksbury.

In that April statement LeLacheur said in part “However, it is also important that the community hear very loudly and clearly from me as a representative of every Town of Reading employee: we all condemn domestic violence, in any form. The women and men of our public safety and human/elder services departments in particular confront complex local family issues on a daily basis, and too often domestic violence has played a role.”

This was Segalla’s second stint on leave from the department, last year he was on leave for several months in late summer, early fall.

The statement from LeLacheur released yesterday afternoon appears below:

“I have accepted the resignation of Police Chief Mark Segalla, effective June 28, 2019. Mark will remain out and continue to use his sick leave time through that date.”

“Thank you to Mark’s family, for sharing a husband, father and son with us for over twenty years in the Reading Police Department. We have much to be thankful for over that period of time, and you have a great deal to be proud of.”

“Over the past six months I have twice explained to the community in as much detail as the law allows the absence of Chief Segalla, the role of outside law enforcement agencies and the exclusion of the Town of Reading in that process. Mark’s resignation will put an end to the Town’s limited involvement.”

“I wish Mark and his family much health and happiness in the years ahead, and join many in the community who believe that, after a difficult period of time that involve allegations of domestic abuse, Mark is on the path to again make all of us proud of his future endeavors. His resignation signals his decision to place his family above his career in the Reading Police Department, and is a choice I have a great deal of respect for.”

“Deputy Chief David Clark will continue to run the department until further notice. Later this summer we will conduct a replacement process for the position of Reading Police Chief, including an independent Assessment Center that will consider applicants from Reading and other communities. Special thanks go out to Dave, who has done an outstanding job under some very difficult circumstances for the past several months.”

“I remain very proud of how the Reading Police department has responded over this period of time, as the women and men of the department have continued to provide a high level of service to the community, and helped keep us all safe. Yesterday we spent the day at Austin Prep during an active shooter drill. The day was a clear reminder how all of our public safety personnel place their lives at risk by simply showing up for work each and every day. We all owe them a debt of gratitude that remains difficult to measure.”

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