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CATHERINE ADAMS - Co-Editor of The Orbit; Daily Times writer; will attend Lehigh University

To the Reading Community, Catherine is an inclusive, kind, and outgoing friend to all. Her classmates would describe her as someone who embodies a dedicated, approachable and kind friend. In every classroom setting, Catherine fosters a supportive and helpful atmosphere to create an inclusive and enjoyable environment for all. Catherine has been a hard worker and avid contributor to the many clubs she’s a part of. She has made a deep positive impact on the students and staff of RMHS and will go on to accomplish great things. Her leadership skills and determination have given her great opportunities and will continue to open doors in the future. Her inclusivity and kindness will reign memorable to all reflecting on the students of RMHS Class of ‘21.

Her memories of her time so far in RMHS consist of her time spent with her friends whom she has known since she was in kindergarten and the new friends that she made. She shares that she is incredibly grateful for the love and support that the RMHS community has.

Catherine has a deep love of journalism. Sophomore year she was chosen alongside her best friend to become the school newspaper, The Orbit’s, co-editor. Her role as co-editor of the newspaper has helped so many share their voice. Not only does she love journalism and reporting, but more importantly, she loves that it sheds light on important issues.

Catherine shares, “When I entered the small club that was the school newspaper, I never thought that I would develop a love for reporting. I had always thought I wanted to do something in the medical field, but my quick passion for developing stories sparked an intrigue in becoming a journalist. Becoming the co-editor of the paper, I was extremely blessed with the role of helping voices be heard and is something I am excited to continue in college. I am thankful for my co-editor Ella Ramos who has been with me since the beginning. Also, I am thankful for our advisor, Michael McSweeny who has helped the club blossom to its fullest potential.”

Aside from the newspaper, Catherine also dedicates a lot of her time to the Rotary Club. The Rotary Club is a worldwide organization founded initially to eradicate the disease Polio, and is a service organization that has many subdivisions for leadership. Catherine has been a member of the high school version of Rotary, Interact Club since freshman year and was the acting president junior and senior year.

Her strong passion for helping others is what motivates Catherine through her service work. Catherine has volunteered with the Rotary club helping with town events and functions as well as volunteering at Rosie’s Place, a women's shelter in Boston.

Also, Catherine is a part of Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) which is a program that consists of developing leadership skills, team building and personal development. Sophomore year, she applied for the program and went on a weekend full of fun, friendship and learning how to lead. Junior year, she was asked to apply to become a RYLA leader and was chosen to embark in leadership training in preparation for being a student leader at the next RYLA weekend.

Catherine shares, “RYLA is an organization that I attribute a lot of personal growth to and one that I have made amazing connections and incredible friends through. It's amazing to be a part of a group that shares my love of leadership.”

Catherine has challenged herself academically all throughout high school. Some of her most interesting classes have been Algebra and Advanced Placement Language and Composition. Senior year, Catherine’s classes were Advanced Placement Government and Politics, Advanced Placement French, Advanced Placement Physics, Honors Calculus, Honors Film and Literature, and Honors Journalism.

The amazing classes that Catherine has had the opportunity to take have blessed her with amazing teachers. She would like to thank Ms. Bailey for always being an inspiration and a kind teacher.

Catherine shares, “Ms. Bailey, whom I had the opportunity of having for two years has been a strong inspiration both academically and personally. Ms.Bailey always had a smile on her face and was so kind, asking me how my day was going and asking for updates on my life. She also sparked my passion for political journalism and as I go off to college to pursue journalism, I am incredibly grateful for her influence. She pushed me to be my best and with her passion for learning and particularly politics, I was consistently in awe of her. I cannot thank her enough for her impact.”

Besides writing articles for the Daily Times, she is employed at Winchester Country Club where she works as a hostess and server. Catherine also was an intern for Representative Richard Haggerty, last summer which she loves doing as she gets to be a part of local politics and experience what it is like in government. When she is not working, Catherine loves going on drives with her friends, practicing calligraphy, reading or walking her dog, Scout.

As for the future, Catherine is excited to attend Lehigh University to major in Journalism. Although she is moving six hours away she is looking forward to new possibilities and opportunities to come.

Catherine is forever thankful for her family who support her everyday. She shares, “Thank you to my parents who have always encouraged me to reach for the stars and my brother, who has been by my side from the beginning. Thank you Suzanne for being the older sister I never had, and my grandparents for always supporting me.”

Catherine resides on Riverside Drive with her parents, Charlie and Maura and her brother William (16).

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