Sophia Sinagra

Sophia Sinagra - National Honor Society member, continuous community volunteer

When looking for someone who can cheer you up and make you laugh, Sophia Sinagra has got your back. Her friends would recognize her as a caring, thoughtful and overall hilarious person, nonetheless, friend to all.

She strives to create a kind and encouraging environment for all, as her core values promote inclusivity and kindness. Her classmates recognize her as someone who is committed to trying her best during class, whether that be by participating in discussion or putting all her effort into her assignments and projects. Through out the different clubs she's involved in, different people would describe her as someone who is a reflection of the kind and determined RMHS body.

As the college application renders near, Sophia looks forward to majoring in possibly either political science or history. Her field of interest revolves around law, specifically entertainment law and maritime law. Although it's too early to tell where she’ll attend next fall, Sophia looks forward to applying to different schools around the New England area.

When reflecting on her past four years at RMHS, Sophia shares that some of her favorite memories include spending time with her friends and classmates. Her most poignant moment revolves around the last day of Junior year in this recent March.

“The most exciting moment during high school was the last day of junior year (March 13th). I remember walking out of school early that day with my friend and wondering if we were really going to be able to go back to school in two weeks. It was such a weird day with so much uncertainty and just the fact that no one knew that was the last day of the school year makes it an interesting day to look back on,” Sophia shares.

With all this years uncertainty with the return of in class courses, Sophia remains in high spirits and looks forward to the possibility of returning to the school.

Her most memorable moments from high school include meeting new friends, finding the subjects she loves learning about, and having the opportunity to learn under such great teachers.

“I am going to remember all of the friends that I made and the teachers that made me passionate about learning and excited to walk into class everyday. I am also going to remember talking and laughing with my friends in the hallway and at lunch,” Sophia shares.

In the midst of a pandemic, Sophia remains dedicated to her studies and continues to persevere in her learning, making sure she makes the best of every situation. This year she’s enrolled in Honors Story Writing, Honors History and Science of Epidemic Diseases, Law, Democracy in The Age of Social Media, Advanced Placement Government, and Functions, Stats, and Trig. In the past her most notable and favorite classes that have shaped her academically and personally have been: Honor British Literature (11), Film production (10), Early Childhood Development (11), Honors US History (10), Honors American Literature (10).

Sophias is also dedicated to making our school and town a better place in any way she can. Last year she taught Religious Education to first graders at St. Athanasius Parish. She shares that the experience was beyond rewarding as she got to mentor younger children in her religious journey.

“I taught Religious Education to first graders at St. Athanasius Parish. I taught because my faith is something that is important to me and being able to teach faith was a really special experience. The kids in my class never failed to brighten up my day with their funny comments and their excitement to learn and I can't wait to teach again,” Sophia shares.

Sophia is a part of the club at RMHS called BOLD which helps promote the equality of all sexes by spreading acceptance and inclusivity through their outreaches and club meetings. The club creates an equal learning space for impressionable students. By curating such an inclusive environment, Sophia helps students feel heard and understood, an undervalued aspect for younger children.

“I run a club along with a few other girls called BOLD. The club is for girls from the fourth grade to eighth grade. We focus on confidence, girl power, and what it means to be a good person. I became a BOLD leader during my junior year and it has taught me what it takes and what it means to be a leader. Discussing with the girls in the club each week always gives me a new perspective or a new idea about whatever our topic was about that week. We discuss a lot about social media, inspiring women and their accomplishments, and how women are represented in the media.” Sophia shares.

Along with BOLD, Sophia is also a part of the RMHS chapter of the National Honor Society, a club that congratulates students based on their noticeable volunteer hours, leadership roles, and respectable GPA.

She also works at The Lobster Pool in Rockport over the summers. She really enjoys working there because it is her cousin's restaurant and it is nice to be around and spend time with her family whenever she can. At the restaurant, Sophia works the cash register, packs orders, and runs orders as well.

When she's not volunteering, working or participating in the clubs she's a part of, Sophia enjoys spending quality time with her friends and family. She also likes playing acoustic guitar, listening to music and reading different genres of books. Her favorite books include Looking For Alaska by John Green, Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer, and American Girls by Alison Umminger. She could also be seen watching movies, specifically horror movies and comedies. Some of her favorite things are the movie “Almost Famous”, chicken tenders, the actor Andy Samberg, and the dessert chocolate mousse. Her favorite quote comes from one of her favorite movies, Mid 90s: “A lot of the times we feel like our lives are the worst. But I think if you looked in anybody else's closet, you wouldn't trade your stuff for their stuff.”

- Ray

Sophia is really thankful to have had some passionate, kind teachers who've created such a comfortable and kind environment for her and her classmates. She would like to recognize two of her favorite teachers as Ms. Lynch- Disorbo and Ms. Bailey for having such a positive effect on her and creating a deep rooted and long lasting love for learning not only in their classes, but in any aspect of life as well.

“One of my favorite classes that I have taken was British Literature during my junior year, the class was taught by Ms. Lynch-DiSorbo. Ms.Lynch-Disorbo is an amazing teacher and her class was very enjoyable and I loved all of the material we read and the discussions we had about said materials. This class made me enjoy reading and led me to read more during my free time. Another class that had an impact on me was Honors US History (sophomore year). This class is taught by Ms. Bailey who is also a great teacher. Before taking this class with Ms.Bailey I was never super interested in history, but this class made me realize how much I enjoy learning about history, specifically American history. This class made me realize how important learning about history is and how important it is to learn about America’s past mistakes to understand what needs to be done to create a better future,” Sophia shares.

Sophia would like to take this time to thank her supportive and loving family for everything they do for her. Sophia shares that without their love and constant help, she would not be the person she is today.

“I want to thank all of my family members for constantly supporting me throughout my time at school and for pushing me to try my best. I want to thank my little sister Madelyn for always being there for me and for always making me laugh. I also want to thank all of my teachers for all of the help they have given me and for all the effort they put into their lessons which made classes so enjoyable. I thoroughly enjoyed my highschool experience, everything I have learned and everyone that I met have truly made a positive impact on my life. I am so excited to continue my education in college and beyond.

Lastly, I want to thank all of my friends for supporting me and making me smile throughout my time at school,” Sophia shares.

Sophia resides at 48 Chestnut Rd. with her mom, Kristen, and her two younger siblings: Madelyn (14) and Luke (12).

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