Ella Ramos

ELLA RAMOS - Co-Editor of RMHS Orbit, Daily Times contributor, Board Member of RMHS Interact Club

As an incredible person, friend and student, Ella Ramos is someone who has made a mark on RMHS. She is known for outreaching kindness, inclusivity and leadership. Her friends and family would say that she is an overall amazing person. Her teachers would say that her contributions to the class are essential and important. They have also mentioned that she is a perfect student to teach. Ella is an amazing friend who values all of her friendships and is someone who others count on. She embodies what it means to be a good person. Her love of writing and art drives her incredible work as the editor of the RMHS Orbit, through which she has also helped so many other students find their voice.

Ella looks forward to applying next year to different colleges in Austin, TX and New York. Her interests include journalism, criminal justice and graphic design. Ella would love to pursue her future academic experience at one of two specific schools, UT Austin or Pratt University. Ella shares that she’s always wanted to go to school in New York, but recently has loved the idea of attending UT Austin since she toured it two years ago.

When remembering her time so far spent at RMHS, Ella says she’ll forever remember the great friendships created as well as the times spent with her friends whom she's had since elementary school. One of her friends shares “Ella is someone you go to when you need anything. Aside from her kindness, she is one of the funniest people I know and I always have an amazing time with her.” She’s also grateful for the different clubs she’s a part of as well as the interesting classes she’s taken.

This year, Ella was handed down the role of Co-Editor of the high school's paper because of her leadership and dedication to the club since her freshman year as well as her writing skills. With this role, she helps run meetings, edit stories and more alongside her co editor, Catherine Adams.

“I’m so grateful to Catherine Adams for being an amazing Co-Editor, and an even better best friend since elementary school! Another thank you to Mr. McSweeney, our advisor, for encouraging our writing and lending advice and revision whenever we need it.”

For the past year, Ella and Catherine have been writing senior profiles for the Reading Daily Times Chronicle. With the weekly publication of their work, Ella has also been given the honor of having her other personal articles and artwork published in the town's newspaper. She thanks her great employers at the Chronicle for being so generous and giving her multiple opportunities to be published.

Other clubs she’s a part of at the high school are Politics Club, Leo Club, and the Interact Club. Ella has loved attending weekly meetings with the Politics Club to discuss current news about the government and politics. Ella has also loved volunteering with the Leo Club by helping watch and supervise kids at numerous events. Through the Interact Club, Ella has volunteered at the Fall Street Fair, and at the women’s shelter in Boston called Rosie’s Place. She shares that her time volunteering is amazing because she loves helping people.

Ella has consistently challenged herself while at RMHS with different Honors and Advanced Placement courses. This year she was enrolled in Physics, which she thanks Mr. Hadden for making the adjustment into his class halfway through the year so easy. She also took Honors British Literature, Advanced Placement US History, Advanced Placement Computer Science, Algebra 2 and Spanish. Next year she anticipates taking Film and Literature, Journalism, TV Production and other different interesting classes.

“One of my favorite classes this year was Strout’s Computer Science Class. The class taught me to reach for things out of my comfort zone such as the coding language JAVA, which I had little to no experience in. I learned so much throughout the year while constantly laughing and enjoying the hour spent with the mostly senior class. I’ll miss D Block Computer Science along with my other classes. I wish I could have finished out the year in the building. I also loved my time spent in Mrs. Pray’s Junior and Senior Spanish class this year. The class introduced me to so many great people I wouldn’t have met otherwise. The class was always so fun and created such a great and productive learning environment, while also watching the great Spanish show, El Internado.”

Ella splits her free time equally with her cousins and friends. She spends her summers in Austin TX, and weekends in Winchester, visiting her cousins. She also loves driving around and listening to her favorite music with her friends; some of her favorite artists are Wallows, the 1975, early Rolling Stones, Ryan Beatty, and much more. Some of her favorite movies include Inception and the Harry Potter franchise. She also loves sewing and designing clothes, as well as drawing and graphic design. Ella likes playing defense in field hockey in the different leagues she’s been a part of during the fall and summer.

When reflecting on her teachers who’ve had an influence on her development, Ella credits many of them for opening her eyes to her passions and possible career options. She would like to specifically thank Mrs. Bailey for being her favorite teacher at RMHS and introducing her to politics. She went above and beyond with her teaching and had an outstanding and permanent impact on her, academically and personally.

“I would like to highlight my sophomore year history teacher, Ms. Bailey, who became more than a teacher to me in the past year. She’s the reason I got involved in politics and I’ll always be grateful for that. Her classroom and teaching style will always stick out to me as being the most productive, yet most fun. She’s definitely my favorite teacher at RMHS and I’m so thankful for the year I had as her student,” Ella shares.

She would also like to thank her freshman year Spanish teacher, Mr. Binaghi for creating such a great work ethic so early on. Ella would like to thank the following teacher as well:

“Thank you to my eighth grade English teacher Mr. James for creating an inspiring and

enthusiastic learning environment. He was the first of my teachers who saw potential in me, more specifically in my writing, which has influenced me greatly to pursue a career in journalism. I will continue to be inspired and thankful for the opportunity to learn from such a great teacher at such a young age.”

Additionally, Ella would like to thank her amazing family for their constant love and support over the years. They have taught her to reach for her goals and always put others first.

“I would like to thank my amazing mom for always supporting and loving me and for being the most selfless, caring woman I know. To my sister, for being my best friend and the person who gets me, and my twin brother for being the person I'm so thankful and happy to have by my side in everything we do. My amazing cousins who I’m beyond lucky to have who are my favorite people, along with my aunts and uncles who are the best and most giving people. To the amazing teachers I’ve named and more who have shown me great leadership, as well as the paths I want to pursue in the future. And to my great friends from elementary school and people I’ve met since who I’m so beyond grateful to have in my life for always making me laugh. Forever grateful to 01867 for the great friendships and memories,” Ella shares.

Ella resides at 24 Cross Street with her mom, Pamela, older sister, Olivia (19) and twin brother Maximus (17).

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