Elisa Kwon

Elisa Kwon - NHS President, Cross Country / Track captain; will attend Northeastern University Honors College

Elisa is a kind, compassionate, and dedicated student athlete, who has made a substantial impact on the community. Classmates of Elisa would often describe her as intelligent, helpful and extremely considerate. One shared that “her compassion and thoughtfulness makes her approachable and helpful to others.”

Throughout the RMHS halls, Elisa is seen as a bubbly and welcoming person. To the RMHS community, Elisa is known for her dedication and hard work.

Elisa is well on her way to success, already knowing what her future has in store. In the Fall she will attend the Northeastern University Honors College. She is extremely excited to attend school in Boston. She also is excited to further her interest in biology as she plans to become a pediatric nurse.

What makes Elisa stand out is her willingness to achieve her very best. Elisa puts 110 percent effort into her school work to make her deserving of recognition. She was recognized through her induction into the Century Club because of her high achievement in academics. The Century Club is an RMHS club that honors 100 students: 10 freshman, 20 sophomores, 30 juniors and 40 seniors, who have the highest unweighted GPAs. This is a great honor and recognition for her hard work.

Junior year she was honored by receiving the Brown University Book Award. This award recognizes students in the top of their class who put great effort into their studies.

Also, she is a member of the National Honors Society for her high marks and service work, and is the chapter’s president.

Not only does Elisa achieve academic excellence, but her work in clubs shows dedication to the RMHS community. She is a part of Habitat for Humanity which helps build houses for low income families. She was also named the Off-Site Outreach Coordinator for the club. One summer she took a week-long trip to North Carolina to help with the construction of houses down there. She volunteers in the town at ARTIS Senior Living where she assists the elderly who live there. She is also a Sunday school teacher at her church for first graders and loves to work with young kids and help them grow.

Elisa is also an officer in the Leo club which does service work and helps with local organizations and drives. She helps organize school fundraising events for the Club as well as volunteer at Leo events.

Elisa took advantage of the various classes that the high school had to offer. Freshman through junior year, she took mostly honors classes with additional advanced classes like AP Chemistry, AP Statistics, AP Physics 1, AP Biology, and AP Language and Composition.

This year her courses are even more rigorous, including AP Literature, AP BC Calculus, AP US History, AP Computer Science, AP Spanish, and Honors Psychology

There have been many teachers at RMHS who have made high school amazing for Elisa. Many teachers, she shares, made her high school years memorable.

She would like to thank Mrs. Theissen, Mr. Albright and Mr. McIntire because they are “three teachers who I know will always have their door open for me to stop by and chat. I’ve looked to them for advice countless times and they have always given me the best answers,” she shares.

Elisa shares that she will miss the many people who helped make so many memories at the high school. Her close friends whom she shared so many moments with are the people she is sad to leave, including her teammates.

Elisa is an avid part of the cross country and track teams at RMHS and has been a member for all of high school. She was elected by her teammates to be captain for cross country and sprint track. Some of her best memories were the fun meets that she went to including, the Clipper Relays, and Twilight meet. She would like to thank her coaches: Michael Connelly, Meg Scearbo and Nancy Madden.

“They have pushed me to limits that I never thought I could reach over the past four years.”

When Elisa is not studying or hanging out with friends, she can be found working at Gingerbread Construction Company. She also babysits for Reading families. Her favorite foods are chocolate chip muffins and coffee ice cream.

Elisa shares that her high school experience has truly shaped her into the young woman she is today. She has had so many amazing memories and experiences that she will remember forever while being able to take the skills she mastered in high school to new heights in the future. She shares a quote by Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh to sum up her emotions: “It never hurts to keep looking for sunshine.”

Elisa would like to thank the teachers and students who make RMHS a great place to be and who encouraged and motivated her.

She shares, “Though I wish we could have seen it to the end, high school was an unforgettable experience. Every teacher and classmate who I encountered has made an impact on me as a person and helped me maneuver through the highs and lows.”

She is also forever grateful to her family for their love and support. They have taught her to reach beyond her goals, and encourage those around her to do the same.

“Thank you Mom, Dad and Erin for always being by my side for the past 18 years! You have given me an overwhelming amount of support and love that has helped me grow into the person I am today. And to my teammates and friends, thank you for all the laughs and memories in and out of school, I will treasure them forever.”

Elisa Kown lives at 29 West Street, in Wilmington with her parents, Sophie, and Philip and her sister, Erin (20).

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